Easy Healthy Winter Beef & Vegetable Stew

There are so many healthy winter stews.  Of course one could argue that beef stews in general are not healthy because they are made with fatty beef.  I have made this stew with diced tenderloin.  And although the meat is delicious, the flavor is not as good as when you use meat that has a bit more fat.  The best part about making stews is that you can use your crock pot.  I started this stew in the morning and allowed it to cook all day.  Then I ate it for 2 days and it provided me with about 12 servings.

I am actually a fan of stew as a nutrient enriched meal.  I enjoy the dense nature of it and all the vegetables that bring out the flavor in the beef. The trick is to use some of most nutritious vegetables.  In my stew, I use mushrooms, sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, kale and carrots.


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