A Little Piece of Me Was Made From This. And it’s not sugar and spice!

Can something you saw when you were a child still bring you the same motivation and provide you with the same aspirations when you are 40?  I am 40, married with 3 kids.  Regardless of what I do for a living, I often find myself looking back on things from when I was a kid.  Movies, characters and books that painted the framework for my dreams as a child seem to help me focus today.  Yes, I still read the Wonder Woman comic every now and then, I just want to see what she is up to now.  I still scan Nancy Drew mysteries when I’m at the book store, because her investigative skills seem relatable.  And, I have seen the Rockys, Karate Kids, Kickboxer, Enter the Dragon, Vision Quest and Conan movies more times as an adult than I did as a child.  This youtube independent short speaks to me on so many levels.  Watch it, enjoy and go get your best workout in!

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