8 Best Health-Driven Holiday Gifts:Affordable Online Deals for Today

8 Best Health-Driven Holiday Gifts:Affordable Online Deals for Today

I go through phases where I am addicted to online deal shopping.  Many times however, I end up over-accumulating coupons, forget about them and lose their value.  But, when I buy them for someone else, I get the enjoyment of buying something for a great price without the risk of forgetting about them myself.  So if you still need gifts for people or nice little add-ons for a stocking, here are 8 of the healthiest and best online deals in the Chicago-land area today. There is something for everyone. Check it out,  there are only 10 days until Christmas.

1.  Stress Release & Rejuvenation $24-30

There is nothing better than a massage.  Do you know someone with a lot of stress and they often complain about back or neck pain.  Massage treatments are one of the best ways to prevent illness and stay healthy.  Kgdeals.com is offering a deal for Chicago's West Loop at Body Works or if you are in the suburbs, like Naperville here is a massage at Natural Care Clinic  for $24.

2.  Give a Kid a Taste of the Olympics $30

Did you know 2012 is an Olympic year?  How about Olympic judo or boxing for a great kid.  Livingsocial.com is featuring POW! Kids Chicago with 0ne month of classes for 4 to 16 years old, only $30.

3.  Healthy Eating Cooking Class $49

Do you wish you ate better?  Most of us know that if we cooked healthier  we could easily lose 5-10 pounds right away.  Does anyone you know want to learn how to cook healthier dishes?  Livingsocial.com has a great offer with Centered Chef for only $49 .  Give a cooking class that provides tips about healthy eating.  They are located in the West Loop.

4.  Give Pride on the Golf Course $375

It is unbelievable how important golf is in the executive community.  I find that everyone could use personalized lessons in golf, no matter their skill set.  The Glen Club, an amazing club with a beautiful course.  How about 3 hours of private lessons.  Plumdistrict.com has this deal today for $375, it is the ultimate in customized training for your stroke.

5.  Give Safety & the Skill to Fight Back: Krav Maga-Self Defense $30

Chicago is a the greatest city in the US. But lately the news sure makes it scary to walk the streets.  The year began with flash mob craziness and now the holiday season has brought the worst out of some.  Give a 2 hour workshop on Krav Maga, a reality based self defense system.  Youswoop.com is offering for $30, 10 possible dates in 3 locations (2 in Chicago and 1 in Highland Park).  Give a lesson is basic defense, gun defense or a women's only class.

6.  Weight Loss and a Toned Body- $99

There is nothing better than personal training.  It is a great use of money.  Fitness Formulas is featured on giltcity.com with a great way to kick off the New Year.  One month of membership and a personal training session with a fitness and health professional for $99.  If you know someone that needs a little help simply getting their fitness organized or they do not know how to workout, this is perfect.

7.  Beautiful Skin and Rejuvenation $60

Chicago weather is rough on the skin.  It you would love to see someone glow, give them a certificate for a facial.  I have had microdermabrasions, and they do wonders for the skin.  Beautiful skin is  make a person feel younger and sexier.  Groupon.com has a fantastic deal at Luminere Esthetics and Wellness for $60.

8.  Internal Wellness $42

Acupunture has been one of the most successful forms of wellness treatments I have ever used.  If you have never tried this Eastern Medicine method of healing you should.  Whereyoushop.com is featuring for only $42 a treatment for your ailments at the Advanced Center for Chiropratic.  I highly reccommend this for any body aches, headaches and even sinus issues.


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