Wish You Could Jump Higher?

If you have ever watched White Men Can’t Jump, you probably can sympathize with a person who simply can’t get any air.   But if you are determined to improve your vertical, I have a great toy for you to try.    It is the portable power jumper ($49.99) by Lifeline.   It is different than other weight based jumping equipment.  According to Monkey Bar Gym, it has added an average of 8 inches to the vertical of their summer basketball camp participants.

I have tried it and use it at my gym.  You can use it for more than jumping drills.  It is an excellent way to change up your leg routine.  If you are looking for a break from your weights, give this piece of equipment a try.  It is excellent for side lunging and working various types of lateral movements.  More to come on this.  Take a look at the video and see how it can improve your jump shot, volley ball blocking or broad jump.  I will show more about how to use it for for a fun grounded leg strengthening routine.


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