Hard Abs: Advanced Core Exercises on a Pulley Strap

Whenever you train your core, other muscle groups get dragged into the exercise.  I love the options that pulley training provides because it rarely  isolates one muscle group.  Pulley exercises often train the entire body.

Most regular exercisers are familiar with TRX straps.  In which case, you know that you can get a total body workout when using them.  But there are many different brands and styles of straps.  I love using straps that offer a lot of mobility.    In the video I have attached here, I am using the PURMOTION AirFit Training Pro.  The need to keep the straps even adds another layer of muscle control that does translate into various sports movements.

Most creative trainers can come up with unique exercises on any strap.  I called this series The Hopeful Gymnast.   It is a great way to build your strength and core for hand balancing and hand stands.  It is important to build the strength for your upper body, with the assistance of your core to firmly hold your body weight.  This video shows a fun way to diversify your strap training.  Remember that you are completely in control of how much weight is in your arms.  There are several options here - but this is an advanced series of exercise that will make your abs super strong.

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