Latest Trend in Yoga: Acrobatic Yoga Has Hit Chicago, FREE class Tonight, Tuesday, October 4th

Acrobatic yoga is an amazing practice that builds core strength, flexibility and joint stability.  It is an evolved application of yoga.  I find it to be quite athletic.  In fact I like it because makes yoga more athletic.  I have taught and practiced yoga since 1996.  I have tried all types and everyone’s system of training both in Chicago and on the fitness convention scene.  Although I have instructors who are my favorite and places I go for my fix, acroyoga is the first time in a while that yoga excited me.  This is not a bash of traditional yoga practice – I respect it all.  But like martial arts and dance, it is awesome to practice new applications of movement as they present themselves.

I have written on acrobatic yoga before.  I was thrilled to share it over the summer when I had my first training session.  So now I want to see everyone have a chance to experience it.  Especially if yoga has been your thing for a while, acrobatic yoga is just simply awesome.

Acrobatic yoga is a disciplined movement that integrates thai massage, acrobatics and yoga.  ABY was established in 2003. As a fairly new practice, there are few opportunities to experience this progressive practice that heightens muscle awareness, communication skills and overall coordination.   With the wide spread practice of yoga and the ever growing interest in acrobatic exercise and circus sports, ABY has carved a place within the fitness community that has received attention from Shape Magazine and most Yoga trade publications.

ABY requires relationships to be built with a training partner.  Whether you are a personal trainer, avid yoga practitioner or yoga instructor you will feel the benefits of AY immediately.  For your personal practice ABY will give you an innovative way to build, enhance and / or apply your yoga, core strength and/or acrobatic capabilities.  Although these are not necessary in order to participate.

Come try a free class being taught by Mark Van. He is a 25 year fitness professional. He is a personal trainer and circus sports instructor. He teaches at Aloft Loft in Chicago: Aerial Conditioning & Technique, Basic Trapz, Basic Silks and Circus Sports Conditioning. Mark is regularly training under Aloft Loft Owner, Shayna Swanson. Mark combines his understanding of biomechanics and experience as a personal trainer with his instruction.

Call – 312-829-7699 to register for this free class TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 4th at  POW! Fitness, 950 W Washington in the West Loop from 7:45pm to 9pm.  Here are some pictures from one of my training sessions.  Here is a link to a youtube of one of the basic techniques taught.


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