Favorite Fitness Gear From Club Industry Show

As I mentioned, the Club Industry Show was at the McCormick Place this past week.  It is a mix of educational seminars and lectures on all topics relevant to running or owning a fitness business, and then there are practical application classes and demos that are part of the expo.  The expo is free to everyone as long as you register online.

I enjoy the expo because you get to see new products and the re-marketing of old products that have great value to the fitness community.  The truth is that the wheel for abs and resistance tubing has been around for a long time.  But equipment companies like monkeybargym.com have re-packaged these types of products, made them better and created programming elements so that consumers can use them more safely.

I have been using these two pieces of equipment at my facility for years.  I even had different versions of them when I worked at the East Bank Club throughout the 90’s.   I have relied on these types of equipment because they are so portable and combine well with the type of interval training that I follow.

So these are two of my favorite picks from the Club Industry Show.  They are super affordable.  You will get in amazing shape by using them 3-4 times a week.

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