Club Industry 2011 at Chicago's McCormick Place

Club Industry (CI) was just in Chicago this weekend.  At Chicago’s beautiful McCormick Place, CI offered both an expo and a series of educational courses in every area of the fitness industry:  business development, wellness, training application, management and trends.  As a fitness professional and educator, I have been both a presenter and an attendee of this convention.  I enjoy the show because it features the business end of fitness.  Most conventions that I lecture at focus only on the movement, modifications and programming components for fitness.  These of course are still important, but there is so much more to being a good trainer or teaching the most popular class at your local club.  I am always amazed at the people who tell me they are opening up their own place because their classes are packed.  But the truth is they don’t know the first thing about P & L statements, projections or management.  These are less intuitive areas than being born with rhythm, athletic ability or an ongoing personality.

I am going to feature my favorite products featured at CI over the week.  The expo show features a wide array of products that are relevant to simply living a healthy life.   I have chosen the best ones that I believe will become relevant to in your life and I actually find to be a true asset.    My first product of the week is Almond Butter from Barney Butter.

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