Do You Know How to Protect Yourself & Family? It is Time to Learn

Did you now there are 8,000 cameras installed throughout Chicago?  I realize that they serve an important purpose.  Some say it is deterring crime or that they help to identify criminals.  Whether you believe they accomplish either of these goals, recent research has shown that in some areas crime has been lowered by 12% and in others it has not made a difference at all(information taken from Fox news story).

I still support the cameras because in general I believe in the overall crime prevention system or perhaps intentions that the CPD and politicians are trying to accomplish.  But what really works to prevent you from being a victim of a crime?  It is simple.  Learn how to defend yourself and how to take steps towards improving your safety and the safety of your family and home.  I find it odd that people will acknowledge the importance of a fire alarm and fire drill, but do not see the value of self defense.

We, as a community have spent our entire life practicing what to do in the event of a fire.   If it happens, we are prepared and our chances of surviving with the least amount of harm are improved significantly.  Why not spend energy learning how to  protect yourself and family?   I am not sure statistically the exact difference, but the number of fires in the city of Chicago does not compare to the number of people who are attacked.

With this being said, let me clarify that I am not speaking about fighting a criminal over your wallet, car or personal possessions.  But fighting back against an attacker that means you harm above and beyond the release of your personal property.

In 2005, the National Institute of Justice examined a variety if sexual assaults against women.  The study showed that women that physically and verbally resisted their attackers reduced the probability that a rape would be completed without significantly increasing their risk of injury. “In particular, certain actions reduce the risk of rape more than 80 % compared to nonresistance. “

TRY KRAV MAGA, A REALITY BASED SELF DEFENSE SYSTEM. Sunday, September 25th form 11am to 1:30pm.  At Chicago Krav Maga, 950 W  Washington, 312-829-7699, $40.00 per person, limited spaces

This workshop will provide an overview of Krav Maga's foundations.  Although this workshop is not intended to emphasize the conditioning elements integral to a Krav Maga training program, the workshop will begin with basic combatives and then transition into true self defense techniques.  The goal of the workshop is to build overall awareness of all the self defenses Krav Maga has to offer and apply it to being alone and also how to defense your family.

  • 30 minutes warmup and basic combative training
  • 15 minutes on outside and inside defenses
  • 90 minutes on self defenses including chokes, holds, and grabs from standing with pushes and shoves, and on the ground.

Although this class is an all level program, those with better combative skills will have the opportunity to improve more techniques in this one workshop. Those with less experience or new to Krav Maga will experience an amazing overview of everything the system has to offer, its methodology, concise approach, foundation, and how it ultimately provides an answer to so many threats on the street.  The class will divide participants according to experience levels so that everyone may progress at the speed that's most effective for them.  You can also call 312 829 7699 to sign up for this self-defense workshop.

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