AcroYoga, My First Lesson

I tried AcroYoga for the first time today. AcroYoga is a partner based physical activity.  I believe it is more appropriate for an individual who has done yoga, gymnastics or circus sports.  There are seven elements to the practice of AcroYoga:

  • Circle ceremony
  • The asanas- poses
  • Partner flow
  • Thai Massage
  • Therapeutic flying
  • Inversions
  • Spotting
  • Partner acrobatics

When I am on vacation in Wisconsin, I invite a whole bunch of friends to come along or stop up in Wisconsin.  Mark VanThournout, my friend for about 16 years always comes.  I met Mark in 1994 at the East Bank Club.  We were co-workers.  Currently works with various types of personal training clients.  But the unique dynamic of Mark’s personal training skills is his ability to integrate circus sports. Mark has been very active at The Aloft Loft, mostly teaching trapeze , basic silk and a circus sports strength training circuit class.  I have taken all of it from him – I am always game to participate in my friend’s hobbies.  So when we were catching up last night, he told me about AcroYoga and showed me some youtube footage of him and a few clients.  I thought it looked fantastic.  So after a day of swimming and wakeboarding, he decided to train me.

Before we began my first ActoYoga lesson, Mark explained the trust relationship between him and the client.  His role requires tremendous core strength as a base.  He also explained how his hamstrings are on fire after teaching from holding his partner up his legs fully extended. We proceeded to do a few therapeutic poses that offered massage. This was the best introduction because it warmed up my body, built even more trust between us and allowed my body to melt into our connection points (feet to hips, palms to shoulders).   This initiating sequence left me feeling like I had received the most gentle chiropractic adjustment. The lengthening I received while being inverted was so relaxing and truly worked out a lot of kinks.  We moved on at this point, Mark talked me through how to hang, move and transition while I was in the air.  We slowly moved from a hang or fold and made our way into the arrow and even a cool move called the twisted ninja.  So I gave you a glimpse of my first lesson and footage of highly skilled AcroYoga practitioners.  If you are interested in learning more or taking your yoga practice to the next level you can contact Mark at

Sorry the camera got turned.


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  • I saw some Acro Yoga at Wanderlust. It is visually amazing and beautiful. Also, looks extremely challenging.

  • Looks cheaper than marriage counseling, haha!

  • PS, I love your kids' names. Isis? SWOON!

  • The Acro-Yoga is playful and mentally inspiring kind of yoga. And I truly want to learn Acro-Yoga. This indicates so excellent! And looking towards most of the fun…
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