A Memorable Dish for Your 4th of July BBQ Party

It is nice to be known for a dish that is healthy and delicious.  It is better to be known for that great salmon or amazing rice dish at a BBQ, than the person that brought hotdogs or frozen burger patties.  I know that might sound harsh, but I am not the person that brings the pre-prepped veggie platter from Jewel or the packaged meat.  I do realize that someone has to bring it - the single guy for example.

I have been graced with good cooking skills.  I am more of a Rachel Ray than a Martha Stewart, but my mom, dad and grandparents were all great cooks.  My grandpa a chef in fact, his best kitchen was the Blackhawk Restaurant in its hey-day (the real Chicagoans know where it was).

I make this salmon for most of my big parties.  But I bring it now to every BBQ party I am invited to.   So whether it is my friend's party or a friend of a friend's party - I am the girl that makes THAT SALMON.   THAT is being used as a positive adjective - kinda like when bad means good.

So here it is.  This is my quick version.  I sometimes put a little more love into it; like roasting garlic myself, using my own basil (from my garden) and even making my own sundried tomato paste.  But this way works out great and never leaves me short on compliments.

I prepped this at 7am today - for a 3pm BBQ.  The oils and acids of the tomato paste will soak into the salmon.  Because this happens, I do not even need to use any olive oil - which cuts down on the calories a little too.

A couple general tips:

  1. I bought salmon with the skin this time because it is less destructive to the fish when it is directly on the grill.
  2. I take the left overs (if there are any) and I shred it.  I then make add a couple more spoons of the paste with olive oil and cook in a pan to make a lithg sauce for pasta or rice.
  3. You can also to this in a pan without the skin or in the oven.



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