Want a Beach Body in 6 weeks? Best Boot Camps in Chicago

Want a Beach Body in 6 weeks? Best Boot Camps in Chicago
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Beach bodies can be acquired in time for the summer sun, the lakefront action and street fair fever. Boot camps are a great way to enjoy the summer, meet people and get healthy. 

Below are some great choices that are located not only in Chicago, but in the suburbs as well.  Each of these companies have good reputations and a qualified staff.  They each offer a completely different vibe, cost and structure. 

Although there are other programs in the Chicago-land area, I picked these because of their differences. Good luck - don't let the summer pass you by - get in the best shape you can and enjoy all of Chicago's parks and even the lakefront.

Choose Quickly- Most of these programs begin sessions the week of May 23rd!

How do you choose the right boot camp program.  Answer the following questions.
1.  Do you only want outdoor training?
2.  Do you want outdoor training, but only when it is nice outside and then prefer to retreat to an indoor location?
3.  Do you want morning or evening workouts?
4.  How many weeks would you like to commit?
5.  Do you want every day (5 x a week) or a few times a week?
6.  What is your budget?
7.  Do you want a women's only class - or it doesn't matter?
8.  Does your personality respond best to a Drill Sergeant figure?
9.  Would you like to learn a practice some martial arts too- boxing, kickboxing, muay thai?
10.  Would you like to hit bags and pads, lift weights or only do body weight exercises?
These classes are exclusive for women and offer a comfortable setting for women to train their butt's off.  It is a 1 hour a day Monday through Friday program for 4 weeks.  Camp training begins at 5:30am in the Lakeview/Lincoln Park area.  They also have a Northshore campus in the Evanston/WIlmette area.   They offer several locations and will have you enjoying many sunrises.
$299 for 20 hours of training. $15 a class. M-F 5:30am
Check website for specific location addresses.
This program offers 2 - AM sessions or 2 PM sessions and Saturday mornings.  Classes are both in and out door.  Weather will impact the outdoor training sessions.  Located in the West Loop, their classes combine high intensity interval training, with boxing, kickboxing and muay thai training drills.  Instructors teach punching and kicking along with the expected boot camp style exercises.  Classes begin and end at the facility.  Showers and locker rooms onsite.
$199 for 17 workouts, $11.70 a class- M/W at 6:15am or T/Th at 7pm, Saturdays at 10:45am
950 W  Washington
The Drill Instructors keep you moving and challenge you beyond your daily expectations. They offer classes in the AM for a 5 day a week program or 3 times in the evening.  They have been around Chicago for years offering their military style boot camp.  They have locations throughout Lincoln Park, Grant Park and at their Headquarters in Forest Park.
You pay per week - $195 a week for 5 days or $135 a week for 3 evening sessions.
1520 Hannah Ave
Forest Park, Il
They offer easy access and parking solutions.  If you are concerned about getting to work on time, they also offer showers and locker rooms.  They feature solid circuit training that will build your strength and make you feel young.  Their program incorporates weights and other conventional training exercises.  
$20 a class
1030 W. North Ave.

Are You Getting Married ? - Try the Wedding Boot Camp

Located in a facility downtown called the Fitness Lair.  This boot camp program offers 50 minute classes and gives you evening options.  You must begin when the session starts.  They offer a progressive approach to fitness.  They meet Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning and evening.  Locker rooms at facility.
$49 a for the first month trial.
233 N. Michigan Ave and
Naperville Park District

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