Favorite Exercise of Week: Gluts & Knee Stability

Favorite exercises are not necessarily new exercises. They are just recent exercises that have given a little revival to your body.  Sometimes new favorite exercises are just simple movements that perfectly blend into an interval series you are following or an in-home workout format that you have been trying to intensify.  New favorite exercises are almost always exercises you have done before, but have ignored.

The exercises given below are two separate movements, but they have a similar set up.  Because there is not much of a change in orientation for your body position these two exercises are ideal for high intensity interval training.
I have been doing a lot of power interval series.  This means 4 exercises back-to-back for 20 seconds in length; with a 10 second rest in-between.  This takes 2 minutes.  Then go through the series 4 times.  This equals 16 exercise intervals.  It is a total of 8 minutes training time.  These are intended to be high intensity and push you to 85-90% of your THR (target heart rate).  The exercises I have shown below go great with jump rope sprints and mountain climbers.  I love both of these exercises because they are not only leg intensive; they develop functional power for all sports.  The lateral side skate is ideal for lateral strength of the knee and helps with side-to-side agility.  The two-foot long or broad jump is just simple power.  Take a look and give them a try.  

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