Which Liz Taylor Body Do You Want?

There are so many things to cherish when looking at old pictures or watching films that feature Elizabeth Taylor.  Instead of writing a tribute on her life, like so many news agencies and devoted fans, I am going to post my favorite pictures of her.  All of them personify femininity.  Most women are undoubtedly beautiful in their 20s and 30s, our peak years.  But to possess so many versions of the perfect female body for every decade of your adult life is an absolute dream.  Elizabeth Taylor had a perfect body almost every decade of her life and dressed with a style that fit each figure.  She has inspired many people and influenced how women worldwide embrace their beauty. There are so many bodies that Elizabeth Taylor gave us to admire - which body is the one you would like to have? 

Here are some books to consider if you are looking to review her life.
How To Be A Movie Star  by William Mann

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  • Liz was only in her early thirties when the picture of her was taken with Eddie Fisher, not her 50's. She was born in 1932 and married to Eddie Fisher from 59-64.

  • Is the author of this article truly illiterate, or just sloppy?

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