Spring Breaks Begin: Healthy Things To Do With Your Kids This Week

There are many things to do and take part in around the city
for Spring Break.  But many
families are also on a budget and need to plan adventures and activities that do not cost alot.  Here is a
simple idea that can get everyone's blood moving, prevent 'cabin fever' and
promote health and fitness for your entire family. How about scheduling an athletic
training day with your kid(s). 

Make your own obstacle course with your kids.  This is a great way to consume your day
when your kids are off school and even if you have several children.  Allow your little athletes in training
to come up with themes for the obstacle courses, when meals will happen and how
the course can be laid out. 
Ideally they will come up with various ways to create the course giving
them many opportunities to train. Make this fun activity start at your home
arts and crafts table and move to your yard, or even to the closest park.

Art Project One: Create your markers

We have all used egg cartons for all sorts of projects with our
children.  Take egg cartons and cut
them into 6 strips.  Paint them in bright colors.  Use them as markers
to create zig zag running patterns.

Art Project Two: Create station signs

Draw or color from a coloring book pictures of animals like
: frogs, bunnies, bears and crabs. 
Then use these signs as stations in your obstacle course. The animal
pictures will indicate how you will use your body to move.  So bunnies will do two foot jumps,
frogs will hop from all fours, bears will crawl on their hands and toes, and
crabs will crawl with their chest facing the sky and walk on their hands and
feet.  Make a couple of each animal
so you can lay it across the path that indicates where your little animals will
hop or crawl.

Art Project Three: Decorate your hurdles.

Take empty 2 liter bottles and decorate them with the most
noticeable stickers, paint and designs that you can.  Fill them with water and lay them across the ground about 2
feet from each other.  Then use
them as hurdles. If it too easy to jump these with high knees then challenge
yourself and do one foot jumps over the 2 liter bottles. 

Here are a couple articles with great ideas about designing your own obstacle courses.

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Take a look at the great places you can take your kids this week.

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