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My New Favorite Total Body Exercise

The AB Wheel Roller is a fun exercise accessory that really challenges your overall core strength. As far as ‘gadgets’ go, it offers a fun way to diversify your abdominal workout and many of the exercises will build strength in your shoulder and chest.  I would classify exercises on the ab wheel roller as advanced.... Read more »

Do You Get Shin Splints When You Begin Running Outside?

It may not feel like it today, but spring is approaching and I have seen more people in my neighborhood running outside every day.  With The Shamrock Shuffle coming up on April 10th and sunshine and 50s forecasted for the end of the week, I imagine I will see lot more runners.  If you have... Read more »

Dominicks Community Shopping A Success

I hosted two shopping sessions this month as a way to kick off a 6 week ‘diet.’  It took place on a Sunday morning and Wednesday evening at Dominicks located at Halsted and Washington  The goal of the diet and workshop was to: 1. Change about 50% of the foods you normally purchase.  If we... Read more »

Vital Juice Features a Few of My Favorite Things

Click Here to Read More articles and the short interview I did with Vital Juice.

Need Help Cutting Some Calories?

POW! and iFit Fitness are hosting a healthy grocery shopping workshop this evening, Wednesday, March 9th at 7:30pm.  It will be held at Dominicks in the West Loop (Halsted & Washington).  Owners of both businesses will give you an aisle to aisle breakdown of foods that can be replaced with healthier options.  Portion control will... Read more »

Do You Want to Learn to Grocery Shop

POW! (located in the West Loop) and iFit Fitness (located in the Merchandise Mart) are hosting a community grocery shopping event at Dominicks (located on Washington & Halsted).  The event will be on Wednesday, March 9th at 7:30pm.  The event is being lead by the Owners of the both facilities.  The event will teach you... Read more »

10 Tips to Help with Improving Your Nutrition

There are so many books on nutrition and so much information on how to eat well.  Hopefully these 10 tips will help sort out the best information out there and direct you towards books that focus on the type of information you truly seek about healthy eating. But there is one fact that you can... Read more »