Lengthen the Life of Your Grandparents

Lengthen the Life of Your Grandparents
elderly-exercise-class-1.jpgIt is believed that 75 % of older Americans are not active enough.  The lack of movement in their live is interfering with them reaching their optimal health.  According to the American Family Publication Magazine, there are few contraindications for exercise in the lives of eldery people.  In fact, the eldery are no different than their younger counter parts.  Your grandparents need aerobic, strength, balance and flexibility training. It is hard to think of losing your grandparents.  But there are ways to keep them around a little longer.  Regular exercise has been shown to lengthen their lives.  It is shameful to think that 3 out of 4 eldery are not getting exercise in their life.
Some of the easiest things you can do to help your grandparents or even older aunts and uncles is simply take them on walks.  Despite the fact that many eldery develop fears and nerves over change, it is so imporant to devise a way to assist them with changing their sedentary lifestyle.  When you read through the extensive research that proves how moving can add years to their life, you will be motivated to visit your grandparents more often.  
A couple ways to make the most out of a simple walk. 
1.  When you approach a set of stairs, have them do alternating step ups on each leg on the first step.  You may need to hold their hand even if they are using the bannister.  A good place to start is 10 reps leading with both the right and left leg.  Remind your older family member to stand as tall as they can to help promote good posture.
2.  When you find a bench, hold both of their hands and have them practice sitting and standing back up.  Begin with 10 reps.  They can be spotted by using your hands as much as they need.
If you do not live close to your grandparents and you are motivated by this story - seek out local organizations in their hometown that are dedicated to helping the eldery.  If you feel inspired to help local eldery here in Chicago here are some organizations that do wonderful things for those wise ones in your community. (Many of these listed have chapters in several cities)
Little Brothers
Little Brothers serves those who are over 60 and are in need in special assistance.  The also transport eldery to their doctor's appointments.
Senior Corps
Senior Corps connects adults who are 55 and older with the people and organizations that need them most. Senior Corps helps them become mentors, coaches, or companions to people in need, or contribute their job skills and expertise to community projects and organizations. 
AARP is a non-profit membership organization of persons 50 and older dedicated to addressing their needs and interests. Learn more about this organization.
National Council on Aging
The National Council on Aging (NCOA) is a national network of more than 14,000 dedicated organizations, all helping to improve the health and independence of older Americans.
For more information on eldery fitness see one of these two  (1)  (2) additional articles.

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