How Should Japan Move Forward Without Jeopardizing The Health of Their People?


I understand the devastation that the earthquake and the tsunami has caused and the deficiencies any country or city would have from a disaster of this size.  Despite the immediate needs and rescue efforts for the injured and the unfortunate, I feel concerns for those who are part of the relief teams, volunteers and the medical staff.  Whether you view the pictures that display the deterioration and the debris, or the nuclear power plant you can not help but think about the long term impact of the people searching and rescuing in those conditions.  

Is it reasonable to expect Japan to take measures to protect thee people too?  Here are two stories that discuss the impact of this disaster beyond the clean up.  How the radiation exposure could have lasting effects similar to Hiroshima and health workers are completely comprising their long term health.

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  • Japan was kicking ass soon after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, she'll kick ass again after this little bump in the road.

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