Celebrity Diet Plan Comes From France

jlo-pre-and-post-baby-body.jpgThe Dukan Diet is a craze in France.  It's followers include Kate Middleon, Prince Edward's future wife, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez.  Although Gisele and Jlo turned to this French diet to lose their baby weight, it is important to understand the fundamentals before jumping in.  This very meat focused diet just may leave you constipated, with bad breathe and uncomfortable.  
This French based eating program is promoting its ability to help people lose belly fat in 31 days.  It is being compared to the Atkins Diet by many.  This best selling book in France claims to have helped 5 million people in France lose weight.   But it is on its way to America, recently it was sold for  $1.3 million .
It is a 4 phase diet.  It is high protein and low calorie.  Unlike weight watchers, it does not measure food or focus on portion control.  In fact, you seem to really be able to eat as much as you want throughout the day.  The first phase is the 'Attack' phase - you eat all the lean protien that you want along with 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran and 1.5 liters of water.  The diet comes with a list of approved meats.  Then you move into the 'Cruise' phase which allows an unlimited amounts of 28 vegetables every other day along with the meat, oat bran and water.  Phase 3 is the 'Consolidation.'  Then you get the veggies and meat you want along with one piece of fruit, 2 slices of whole grain and 1 piece of hard cheese.  The last phase is 'Stabilization.'  This puts it all in order and balances out the foods in your diet.  Although there are other details, the general concepts as you can see are very similar to Atkins.
The primary foods you eat throughout the phases comes from a restrictive list.  But the best thing I can see about the eating program is the amount of water you need to drink.  Without it, I oly see you having visits to for a weekly colonic  The meals are somewhat boring and do not accomodate vegetarians.  I am not a fan of Dr. Pierre Dukan's diet in that it does not focus on portion control which is one of the biggest problems for Americans .  
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