Healthy Super Bowl Recipes

I have several customers that have started their year with a motivating fitness regiment and great eating program.  Some of them have chosen to follow the Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse.  The program helps them re-structure their diets overall and  ‘reset’ their metabolism (so-to-speak).  With only a couple weeks into their program, they are already thinking about... Read more »

10 Food Label Secrets Revealed

It would be nice to believe everything you read.  When it comes to foods, you must learn how to properly read labels  Using the information correctly on the label of a package will lead to a much healthy life.   Here are 10 tips for correctly reading food labels which are based on a 2,000 calorie... Read more »

Parent Challenge: How do I make healthy school lunches for my kids, 100+ days of school left?

I struggle with building healthy packed lunches for my kids like all moms.  My goal is to follow my formula for a healthy lunch 80% of the time (a protein, complex carb, a veggie , a fruit and no packaged foods).  That might sound like a cop-out, but the truth is: there are always 2-5... Read more »

Fitness Industry B.S. - 8 Negative Fitness Messages

Fitness Industry B.S.  - 8 Negative Fitness Messages
The end of the year and holiday season offers many opportunities to network and meet new people.  All the additional events I have attended have increased my parties/month average for the year.  In the numerous conversations I have had at these parties, mostly consisting of small talk and elevator pitches about your profession; I get... Read more »

Words of Advice from a Cuban Exile.

I grew up on Chicago and Wells in an art studio.  My home was eclectic, creative and empowering.  The daughter of an artist and a Cuban exile.  My parents were not similar individuals, but somehow the big mouth that got my mother kicked out of Cuba, was the perfect size to guide my artist father.  Their... Read more »

5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer

5 Tips for Choosing a Personal Trainer
The New Year offers the opportunity to improve anything you want about yourself.  Your body and health should be at the top of the list.  After the holidays when you are short on cash – it is hard to justify spending more money.  But one of the best investments you can make – is hiring... Read more »

Trim the Fat! Fat-Burning Home Workout

After an excessive 4-6 weeks of drinking, eating and spending, I think the theme ‘Trim the Fat’ is appropriate.  Let’s cut back excess spending, over-indulgent eating, reel in the drinking and trim unwanted fat from your body.  This does seem like an awful lot of things to do at once.  I would like to say... Read more »

10 Holiday Gifts for the Cross-Fitter

Athlete's Pak from ISAGENIX, $258
Cross-fitters have become a sub-culture within the fitness industry.  Although they are not the first or only group to follow a constantly varied, functional, high-intensity workout regiment, they have popularized and even globalized this style of workout.  CrossFit as a modality of training appeals to a wide group of people who now make up a... Read more »

Superhero Training Workout at Home with Your Kid

Superhero Training Workout at Home with Your Kid
Polar Vortex!!!!!!  Have you had a flashback yet about last winter?  Do your friends in other states tease you about Chicago’s diabolical, illogical, maniacal winters?  Well, mine do!   The curse of Dr. Freeze was obviously awful, but the worse part of the long and brutal winter was being stuck at home with my 3 kids... Read more »

One-of-a-Kind Show, 5 Cool Gifts for Kids

Artist Jill Scales from Illinois.  These bags have a spot for each crayon to be placed.  The bag also fits coloring books.  You can reach them at  They are $25.
It is the 14th year for the One of a Kind Show and Sale Chicago.  It is located in Chicago’s magnificent Merchandise Mart along the river.  The show includes a wonderful display of art, unique crafts, amazing jewelry, gourmet food products, beautiful sculptures and handmade clothing.  There are over 600 artists represented from all over... Read more »