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10 Items or Less

The other day while waiting to check out at the grocery store I ran into a young woman.  Within the five minutes of speaking with her I learned a lifetime of lessons. Her advice: you’re never too old to find love, and its never too late to pursue your dreams.  This young lady  just happened... Read more »


If only we treated the people we let in our lives as seriously as we did RSVP lists.  Why are we more careful and considerate on who we invite to our party as opposed to who we invite into our friendship circles? Think about the last event you hosted.  When you were putting together the... Read more »

Your Will or Your Want?

So you want to lose 10 pounds?  Are you willing to put down the ice cream cone?  You say you want to start a new relationship?  Well are you willing to let the emotional baggage go from the last relationship?  You want a career change?  Are you willing to step out on faith and leave... Read more »

Why You Need a G.P.S.

When you decide to take a trip and are unsure of how to get there you invest in a GPS.  Most people purchase GPS with the intent of using it for unfamiliar destinations.  Just as a physical GPS is needed to guide you while traveling; once you have determined that you are ready to go... Read more »

3 Reasons Why You Need A New Circle of Friends

When you are working on self-improvement, creating new goals or even working towards a new career or business venture you must get around women who are where you want to be or who are going where you are going. That means you must step outside of your circle. Sometimes your circle can allow you a... Read more »
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    Marty Fletcher

    Marty Fletcher is an author, blogger and expert in improving the relationships between women. Marty Fletcher is the 'Go To Girl for Girlfriends'. She is the author of "Broken Whole", a book written to uplift, encourage and improve the self-esteem of women. Her latest book "The Better Than Best Friend Guide: Becoming The Friend You Need Her To Be" offers suggestions on how women can improve their friendships. This book will be her second in her Short Attention Span Series (SASS) of books tailored to empower, motivate and inspire women to become better women and better friends.

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