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It’s been said that money is the root of all evil. However, sometimes on the other end of that root is a bitter woman standing with her arms folded, eyes crossed and pocketbook closed tight. What might be wrong? Well, apparently she suffers from a condition called, ‘too-petty-to-profit-itis’. We’re familiar with the saying, “all money... Read more »

Set It Off Sisters

Lately have you found yourself saying, “I aint a killa’ but don’t push me!”  If you are like most you can find things daily that can push you over the edge. Unfortunately, due to older age or your position in the P.T.A. you have to weigh the consequences of pulling your hair back, slapping some... Read more »

The Love Series - 7 Tips to Help You Move On

Valentine’s day is officially over!  If you weren’t on the receiving end of any type of Valentine’s treat you are probably reconsidering where you stand in that person’s life who you deemed, ‘someone special’.  How do you move on when your relationship ends abruptly and you are suddenly hit in the face with a big... Read more »

The Love Series - 5 Ways You Can Show Your Love via Support

Roses are red, violets are blue.  When you are in need who is there for you? Were you immediately able to name off your ‘go-to girl’; ‘your 5’; your squad; your posse?  Or, were you struggling trying to figure out who would you call if stuff hit the fan.  In a friendship it is important... Read more »

The Love Series - 4 Tips to Help Her Get Over a Heartbreak

This month for some can be the most dreaded time of the year leaving one often obsessing if they will have a Valentine.  As some would say, Valentine’s day is one of those ‘made up commercialized created by the greeting card gods and capitalized by every business you can think of’ holiday.  A day where... Read more »


I ran across a post from a friend on Facebook.  She mentioned that life was too short not to be happy and that she refuses to be anything other than happy.  If only people understood that wanting to be happy is as simple as choosing to be.  So many fall into playing the victim of situation and circumstance... Read more »

6 Things Your Friend Doesn't Want To Hear You Say When She Is Going Through A Difficult Time

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where your back was against the wall?  Where your options dwindled from scarce to non-existent; your Plan B’s disappeared; your last possibility was no longer possible and your backup plan wasn’t able to back you up?  If this is you, you are no different than many... Read more »

5 Arguments To Avoid With Your Girlfriends This Summer

Summer is coming!  Summer is coming!  You and your friends have anxiously been waiting to break out those beautiful maxi dresses, stilettos, and for the daring…the thong bikini.  Whether you decide to hit a sexy roof top venue or go cruising around the lakefront, the summer is a time to get together with your girlfriends... Read more »

Letting A Friend Go: 4 Things Every Friend Should Do When She Moves Away

Summer is quickly approaching.  During this anticipated time of the year there are graduations, weddings, picnics, backyard barbeques and summer vacations.  While these few months create many opportunities for individuals to get up and get moving, it also is a time that many families–get moving.  I know of several individuals including close relatives who have... Read more »


Why can’t all women just get along?  One reason might be because women have a difficult time getting along with the women in her circle.  Before women can get along with women on the outside of their circle they should focus on the women that are in their circle–whom they call friends. Could the issue... Read more »