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When Learning to Fail is the Lesson

In your lifetime you will be presented with objectives, tasks, goals, careers and relationships.  With some of these you will always be successful.  10 out of 10 you will always hit your mark.  You will be able to accomplish some things with little to no effort, even with your eyes closed.  However, there are going... Read more »

7 Tips to Successfully Deal With Failure

So you did your best but you guess your best wasn’t good enough?  Have you ever approached a situation where you gave it your all and still came up short?  Did you believe that the cards were all stacked in your favor and there was no possible way you could fail and yet you did?... Read more »

Set It Off Sisters

Lately have you found yourself saying, “I aint a killa’ but don’t push me!”  If you are like most you can find things daily that can push you over the edge. Unfortunately, due to older age or your position in the P.T.A. you have to weigh the consequences of pulling your hair back, slapping some... Read more »

The Love Series - 6 Tips to Show Love Through Protection

When you love someone it is your duty and obligation to protect that person at all cost.  While many assume that protection only means physically saving your loved one from the big bad wolf, the type of protection that most relationships lack require more mental strength than physical.  Consider the following tips. 1.  Protect my... Read more »

The Love Series - 7 Tips to Help You Move On

Valentine’s day is officially over!  If you weren’t on the receiving end of any type of Valentine’s treat you are probably reconsidering where you stand in that person’s life who you deemed, ‘someone special’.  How do you move on when your relationship ends abruptly and you are suddenly hit in the face with a big... Read more »

The Love Series - 5 Ways You Can Show Your Love via Support

Roses are red, violets are blue.  When you are in need who is there for you? Were you immediately able to name off your ‘go-to girl’; ‘your 5’; your squad; your posse?  Or, were you struggling trying to figure out who would you call if stuff hit the fan.  In a friendship it is important... Read more »

The Love Series - 4 Tips to Help Her Get Over a Heartbreak

This month for some can be the most dreaded time of the year leaving one often obsessing if they will have a Valentine.  As some would say, Valentine’s day is one of those ‘made up commercialized created by the greeting card gods and capitalized by every business you can think of’ holiday.  A day where... Read more »


So you want to be successful huh?  Well, if you don’t know by now it is going to take a lot more than just wanting to be successful.  You are going to need the following. 1.  Positive Attitude – It is important to have a positive attitude because there are going to be days when... Read more »


There are some goals that you created for yourself this year.  While you are hopeful that you will meet and even exceed your goals realize that some of your goals might require more work in order to become a reality.  Let this blog serve as encouragement for you to not give up–even when you get... Read more »


So, are you staring at the calendar wondering why all of those fantastic things you planned to happen in 2015 haven’t happened yet?  After all, it’s almost 14 whole days into the New Year and NOTHING seems to be working out for you.  To make matters worse you find out that some of the issues... Read more »