5 Arguments To Avoid With Your Girlfriends This Summer

Summer is coming!  Summer is coming!  You and your friends have anxiously been waiting to break out those beautiful maxi dresses, stilettos, and for the daring...the thong bikini.  Whether you decide to hit a sexy roof top venue or go cruising around the lakefront, the summer is a time to get together with your girlfriends and enjoy life.  This summer is anticipated to be one of the hottest summers. Here are a few tips to keep you from getting into heated arguments when dealing with your circle of friends this summer.

Argument 1.  Driving Miss Daisy - This friend ends up driving to all of the events that your friends are invited to because she is always the 'designated driver'.  She burns out all of her gas picking up friends all over town.

How to avoid this argument: Offer to be the designated driver don't always expect this friend to drive; rotate driving between friends.  If you have a friend that 'doesn't' drive either because she can't; no one feels comfortable with her driving; or she has a court order not to drive then she needs to fork over gas money, don't always expect to ride for free.  Make the driver's job easier by meeting at her home and then getting in her vehicle or have everyone meet at a central location so she doesn't have to make too many pickups.

Argument 2.  Do You Know What Time It Is - You have been in the club for fifty-eleven hours and you are ready to leave after hearing the 10th version of the cha-cha slide.  Your feet are hurting, you are sweating profusely, and there is a guy with bad breath who keeps trying to whisper in your ear, yet he is too cheap to buy you a drink.  Your girlfriend on the other hand has run into her old boo-thang, it appears as if the club spotlight is just shining on her, she looks like a video vixen.  Her hair is blowing in the wind, wait where did the wind come from...oh she is standing in front of the fan. So what are you to do?

How to avoid this argument: Before you head out to the club discuss what time you need to be home.  If several of your friends are going and you take multiple vehicles, make sure you park your car at the home of the individual you will ride with.  If one friend plans on leaving the club early, then you need to be in the car with that friend, stay close to your ride.  Don't let that friend leave the club and you stay with the friends who you know are partying till the sun comes up, and then expect them to leave because you are ready to leave.  If you arrived in one vehicle and you have determined that you were going to leave at a specific time but your friend ends up running into 'the one that got away', and you know she said if she ever had the chance to see him again she would....well this is when you have to be supportive and wait on your friend.

Argument 3.  I'm 'ret to go - There is nothing more obnoxious than the one friend that keeps butting into your conversation when you are trying to reconnect with someone.  She constantly states that she is ready to go and every couple of minutes she asks what time are ya'll leaving.

How to avoid this argument: Do NOT under any circumstance embarrass your friend just because you are ready to go.  So what if you didn't get any phone numbers or you happen to end up in a place where you are not feeling the crowd.  Sometimes you have to bite the bullet if your girlfriend is having a good time.  Learn to compromise and allow your friend to have some fun.  If she is a real friend when she sees that you are no longer feeling the event she will agree to move on to the next spot with you.

Argument 4.  Wait-wait, whose party is this - You and your friend are invited by an associate to hang at a party and you find out that the party is hosted by a woman who tried to hook her friend up with your now ex-man.  "Oh no, we can't party here", and as a friend you should understand why this might make your friend uncomfortable.

How to avoid this argument: Find out from your associate who is hosting the party beforehand.  If you weren't aware who was hosting the party until you got there then be ready to leave once your girlfriend says that she is uncomfortable with the situation.  Most importantly don't take this moment to try and 'talk' out her issues with the other woman.

Argument 5.  I got 5 on it - You and your girlfriend have planned to go out and you no longer have the money to go.  Later that evening you end up at dinner with a table full of friends and you've been drinking, you've been drinking.  When the bill comes you pull out 5 dollars, yet you ate 50 dollars worth of food.  This isn't a problem if you have already explained this to your friend and she said that she was covering you, but what if you didn't?

How to avoid this argument: If you don't have any money to hang out then make sure you let your friend know that in the door.  If she is unable to cover you then perhaps consider declining the invitation but don't try and make her feel guilty about not covering you financially.  If you brought your friend with you and you know she doesn't have any money don't let her sit at the table and watch you eat, get her something as well.  Most importantly, don't embarrass your friend by letting everyone else know at the table that she has no money.

These are just a few tips to consider this summer when getting together with your friends.  Many friends find themselves falling out with each other over the pettiest things.  Bad friend behavior is not being considerate of your friend's feelings such as hanging out with individuals that you know she doesn't get along with, because those situations can turn into something fiery.

The bottom line is this, if you concentrate on enjoying your friend this summer by spending less time arguing and more time agreeing then you are bound to have one of the greatest summers ever.  Just Saying!

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