10 Items or Less

The other day while waiting to check out at the grocery store I ran into a young woman.  Within the five minutes of speaking with her I learned a lifetime of lessons. Her advice: you're never too old to find love, and its never too late to pursue your dreams.  This young lady  just happened to be 72 and had recently remarried for the second time.  This started me to think about all of the life lessons you can learn while waiting to check out of the grocery store.  Before you make a mad dash to the check-out counter make sure you have the following in your shopping cart.

Talent: While waiting in line, you must wait and watch others go before you. They can have the same amount of items (talent) as you, but because they arrived in the line before you, they get to go first.

  • Item in Your Cart: Patience--When its your turn you will have the opportunity to shine.  Don't get caught up in how long someone else's process takes.

Be Selective: The only reason you aren't in the front of some lines is because you chose lines that looked short (taking shortcuts).  Upon closer look, the line (path you take) you chose was too long.  You become frustrated, get out of that line (get off of the path), and now end up at the back of another line (on another path).  When you finally make it to the front of the alternate line you chose (the other path), you notice the other line (your original path), and discover you still made it at the same time.  You spent so much time changing lines (paths) that you didn't make any real movements, you've just become more frustrated.

  • Item in Your Cart: Discipline--Find something you want to pursue and stick with it.  Even when the outcome is taking longer than you anticipated.

Do You Really Want It: While waiting in line you have a chance to eliminate from your cart.  Did you really need or want that item (to pursue that goal), or was it an impulse purchase (something to do) based off of an emotion.  While waiting, you can determine what is important, and what is not.

  • Item in Your Cart: Self-Control--It is important to be honest with yourself.  Evaluate your need to pursue.  If your reasons don't make sense, don't do it.

Networking: You can meet people in the line who share something in common with you, they are also waiting.  They can tell you about sales at other stores and also where they found items that are in their cart.  You both make each other's time fly by because you both are passing time--waiting.

  • Item in Your Cart: Positive Attitude--It's not always about what you know, people are willing to help when your attitude is positive.  Think positive!

Coupon Queen: There's nothing like getting some things for the 'free'.  And what better way to find out by waiting in line, talking with others who are waiting, and checking the sales paper one final time before you get to the front.  Make sure you check your list twice.

  • Item in Your Cart: Diligence--Take the time to investigate your craft, learn the terminology, weed out the fraudulent information and take it seriously.

Paper or Plastic: Understand your resources, should you use cash or credit?  You have time to think while waiting, don't make hasty purchases.

  • Item in Your Cart: Financial Savvy--Don't just jump into a bunch of debt, calculate the costs and risks of pursuing your craft.

Roll back: You can get to the line and realize that you aren't ready to be in the line, you realize that you are missing an important item needed before you check out.  So you leave to pursue that item, after all that was your whole purpose of coming to the store.

  • Item in Your Cart: Discernment--If there is something you need to know to successfully complete your craft be sure to invest in trainings and workshops that can help make you better with your craft.

Cutting the line: Some people will let you go ahead of them, even if they were in line before you.  If they see you are in a hurry or have more items than you do, they realize it won't hurt to let you go in front of them.  Meaning your progress doesn't affect them in the least bit.  But it does guarantee that you are able to leave the line a little bit faster than you normally would.

  • Item in Your Cart: Preparation--Don't go get ready, stay ready.  Your opportunity will present itself, make sure you are prepared when it does!

Bag lady: Pack light!  You have a long journey ahead of you, so make sure that you double-bag your purchases to keep from damaging.  And don't purchase more than you can carry.  Otherwise you can risk damaging your items and breaking your back!

  • Item in Your Cart: Common Sense--Never take on more than you can carry.  Learn to complete goals before you take on the next or else you risk being overwhelmed.

The bottom line is this, there is an importance of waiting in line.  No matter how long it takes, eventually you will make it to the front of the line and that will definitely be worth the wait.  Just Saying...


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