If only we treated the people we let in our lives as seriously as we did RSVP lists.  Why are we more careful and considerate on who we invite to our party as opposed to who we invite into our friendship circles?

Think about the last event you hosted.  When you were putting together the theme of your party you carefully chose the people to invite.  The process of elimination could have been based on:

individuals who enjoy doing what you like to do;

individuals that you only associate with at work;

individuals you feel comfortable being yourself around;

individuals who would really enjoy celebrating with you;

or individuals that can't get along with the other people invited to the party.

After putting this list together you selected the individuals who would compliment your party and you sent them an invite.  Now consider how this process can be applied to your life and when deciding on who to invite into your friendship circle.

How should your RSVP list look?

R for Respect: Look for individuals that will respect you, your time and what you bring to the friendship table.

S for Selective: Be selective in the company you keep.  Everyone should not be invited to your friendship circle or be allowed to sit at your table.

V for Vision: Surround yourself with individuals who can see your vision.

P for Purpose: Individuals invited into your life should embrace your purpose and be passionate about success just like you.

Who should be on your RSVP list?

The type of party (where you are going in life) will determine who should be invited.  The theme of the event (what's going on in your life) should dictate what individual to invite to your circle of friends.

  • If you need a friend to help you with your vision, you might need to invite a friend who thinks outside of the box.
  • If you need a friend to help you see the positive side of things, you might need to invite a friend who is optimistic.
  • If you need a friend to introduce you to a different side of life, you might need to invite a friend that can expand your horizons.

The most important thing to remember about your RSVP list is to invite the well-wishers.  Bring people to the party (into your life) who are willing to celebrate you.

If you invite people into your life and they aren't courteous enough to RSVP make sure to cut your list and check it twice.  Don't continue to invite people to your party (into your life) when they are not enthusiastic to attend or aren't courteous enough to reply by the specific date (be there when you need them).

The bottom line is this only invite friends into your circle who are going to celebrate you, respecting of your RSVP and are willing to show up on time. Just Saying...


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