Ladies who is in your entourage?  If you are like millions of others you will be glued to the television Saturday night to watch one of the most hyped fights of the year.  When its your turn to step into the ring who do you have in your entourage.  Look closely to see if any of these people resemble your crew.

Your girls on the left and right of you: They block the negativity from both sides so you can’t hear what the negative spectators are saying.  Their job is to make sure you make it to the ring unscathed.

Your girl in front of you: She knocks the obstacles out of your way.  She understands that people will intentionally try to provoke you just so you will fight them.  She realizes you have more to lose so she won’t let a non-fighter step to you.  She knows you can’t fight anyone outside of the ring because that would be an unfair advantage-potentially deadly.  She won’t let anyone ruin your reputation or harm your chances of claiming the prize.

Your girl behind you: She has your back so you are able to focus on that walk to the ring where the real fight happens.

Your girl way in the back: She is the girl watching the one that has your back.  She is so far back that no one knows how close you both are and she prefers it that way so she can monitor your whole setup.

Your back in the day girl: She is the one that encouraged you to take your scrapping in the streets to the ring and helped make you a million dollar fighter.

The older woman: She taught you the art and technique of the ‘fight’ while she might not appear that she can go twelve rounds she shared her knowledge with you to help make you a better fighter.

The woman that holds that ‘bag’: She is the one that has never had a physical fight in her life.  But she fights in the business world and she is going to make sure your pain in that ring brings your profit. She will let you know if a ‘fight’ is worth your time.

Your hype (wo)man: She is your voice.  She lets everyone know that you can’t be beat.

Your trainer: She helped you to develop your muscles by conditioning you to have strength.

Your spiritual advisor: She helps you keep the ‘fight’ in perspective.

Your whatever you need girl: She plays all parts and never forgets that her job is to help you win.

Your girl that looks nothing like you: She doesn’t fit in with you or your crew however she is expanding your horizons, showing you how to brand your ‘fight’.

And…Lil’ Wayne rapping “A Milli”: Hey every fighter needs that music to let the stadium know the champ is in the building. (“I’m a millionaire, I’m a young money millionaire, tougher than Nigerian hair, my criteria compared to your career just isn’t fair…I go by them goon rules if you can’t beat ‘em then you prop ‘em, you can’t man ‘em then you mop ‘em, you can’t stand ‘em then you drop ‘em.”)

The point is this, surround yourself with friends who are supportive and who want to help you win.

If you win, your whole entourage wins.  Your friends may be bigger, badder and fight better.  But you have been chosen to win this ‘fight’.  Now fight like a girl.

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