There are the sweet desired fruits: pineapples, strawberries, oranges and peaches to name a few.  And then there is the bitter taste of the lemon.  Ask anyone what there favorite fruit is and rarely will they say, "lemon."  Ask yourself, when is the last time you've seen a fruit basket with a lemon in it.  If you do research on the lemon you will find that it is a powerful fruit that serves many purposes including: clearing skin, cleaning stains, and curing certain ailments.  So why is it that a fruit so helpful can get such a bad wrap?  You've heard the rhetoric, when life gives you lemons...

When you think of lemon situations, you think of instances where you wish something could have gone your way.  But it didn't.  So what do you do when you find yourself in a sour situation?  Here are a few tips to help turn your lemons into lemonade.

When you do something and no one celebrates you: Ask yourself, why do you do what you do?  If you are looking for someone to validate or celebrate you, you are doing IT for the wrong reasons.  It can be upsetting when you achieve something and no one makes a big deal.  However, you must be your own cheerleader.  Learn to pat yourself on the back and give yourself a high-five.  Don't fall victim in not celebrating yourself because no one else does.  Because the truth is, the only one who has the obligation to celebrate you, is you!

When you don't get what you want: Does that mean you give up?  Of course not!  Rejection or disappointment should give you motivation to keep moving forward, continue to pursue your dreams.  Continue to hone your skills and work towards your vision.

When you change and people around you don't: Your need for change has to be solely on wanting to be better for yourself.  You must act and not react.  Change because it will be beneficial for you and your development. Don't change to please someone else and you can't worry about individuals who don't want to change around you.  Change your environment and focus on you-the things you can control.

When you do good and nothing good seems to happen: When you are doing what is right you won't always get rewards, recognition, or accolades. The reward is intrinsic and it comes from you.  Knowing that you would rather do the right thing and not be rewarded, rather than doing the wrong things.  You need a desire and will to do what is right because-it is the right thing to do.

When you finally understand what love is only after it leaves you: Sometimes this can be the hardest lemon to swallow.  When you finally realize that you were close to love but because you couldn't recognize it, it had to move along.  The down side of love is that sometimes you don't realize what it is until its too late.  Almost like being taught the lesson after you have had the experience.  The best thing to do is appreciate love the next time it comes around.  And if it was truly meant to be then the love you lost will revisit your doorstep.

The lemon is metaphoric to life and the things that can be thrown your way that can either make or break you.  No one cares for the bitter side of life, the unpredictable, heartbreaking, disappointing side.  But rarely can everyday be sweet.  Your life will have some bittersweet days.  The lemon side of life while bitter, can work for your process.  There is strength on the other side of the bitterness.  You have to take the bitter with the sweet.

So when life gives you lemons, take that lemon open up a stand, bottle it up, and sell all things lemon.  Learn to appreciate the 'sweetness' of lemons.

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