There comes a time in every woman's life when she must bite the bullet, swallow her pride, ignore all the "I told you so's" and end her relationship. The saying, it is better to love and lose than never love at all can be debated by any woman who has to make a difficult decision to leave the one she loves.  After all, who gets into a relationship to break up?  As women, when we love, we love hard, and that includes through the hard-times.

Admittedly, relationships aren't all unicorns and glitter.  So what happens when that unicorn turns into a jack-ass and the glitter gets into your eyes? What do you do when that fragrance your man used to wear that turned you on becomes nauseating?  "Oh no, it's time for you to go.  Get your stuff, Get your stuff, Get your stuff."  So how do you know you've lost that loving feeling?  Check out the following hints:

15. CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE-CAKE: When you don't make any plans for his birthday.  And you could care less if he makes it to see it.

14. Home Sweet Home: When you used to worry about him making it home safely every night. Now--not so much.

13. Good Girl Gone Bad: When you become the opposite of everything he hates.  He likes a conservative girl with long hair.  So you get a short hair-cut, a couple of tattoos and take a stripper pole class.

12. Citizens Arrest: When you search police blotters looking to see if there is any reward money for turning him in.

11. The Boy Is Mine: When you start thinking about that one time you fought ol' girl over him.  And now you wish she would've won and took him off your hands.

10. Mr. Telephone Man: When your phone contact changes from 'Hubby' to 'Heck No'.

9. You Are The Weakest Link: When you start wondering about his IQ and questioning yours.  Sometimes you feel like a big dummy for falling in love with a dummy.

8. Mi Casa Is Not Su Casa: When the door to your home unlocks and you get an instant attitude because you know his hand is holding that key.

7. Walking In The Rain: When you're walking home in the cold and you see him drive by and you don't even flag him down for a ride.

6. Digging In My Potatoes: When you don't care what old dirt he digs up on you.

5. Say Cheese: When you contemplate cutting up all the pictures you are in together except you look so darn cute.

4. Girl Who You Think You Fooling: When you run into his 'old friend' and she asks for his number--and you give it to her.

3. Liar-Liar: When you stop asking him for the truth because you know it's a lie.

2. Driving Miss Daisy: When you're in the car and he's singing a love song and you know it's not about you--and you don't care.

1. To Do List: When you look at this list and say, "been there, done that, and I got several more to add to this list."

Okay, so maybe some of these points are slightly exaggerated but the point is when it is time for you to let it go, because the relationship no longer works for you-then let it go.  Otherwise, you won't be happy.  You owe it to yourself to find happiness with someone who wants to be with you and you only.

And while breaking up is hard to do there are millions of women who have done it before you, including some of your own girlfriends.  Give yourself some credit, you are a strong woman that can get through anything.  And as long as you have good girlfriends by your side you can get through any breakup.  Just saying...


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