15 Really Good Reasons You Might Need A New Job

There comes a time in every person’s life where they must find their own path.  They have to bite the bullet, take a stand, call a bluff and…send out that resume.  It’s no secret that today’s workforce is overworked, under-appreciated and unsatisfied.  Between dealing with micro-managing bosses that set unrealistic goals; decreasing wages; and increasing work-shifts some employees have reached their wits end.  So how can you tell if it’s time for you to find a new gig?  One of the first indications that it is time to seek employment elsewhere is when you have to go to a job where you don’t want to be.  Everyday will be a struggle starting from when you hit the snooze button for the fifth time in a row. Check out the following reasons to see if you or someone you know might need a new job.

  1. The Hangover- If you roll out of the bed exhausted like you partied hard all weekend and it’s not Monday morning but Wednesday.
  2. Excuses, Excuses- If it is the night before work and you are recalling all of the excuses you used to call off within the past month.  You try to reason if it’s too soon to come down with a touch of pneumonia or which distant relative has to have an untimely death.
  3. Bills, Bills, Bills- If you start looking at all of your bills figuring out which ones you can skip paying for the next couple of months until you find a new job.
  4. Hiring Inquire Within- If you ask your co-workers or even your boss if they know of any place that’s hiring.
  5. 5 Years Fits Into One Box- If you have started to clean out your desk and remove pictures from your cubicle.
  6. You Talking To Me?- If you sit in the weekly team meeting and zone out because whatever they are talking about no longer applies to you.
  7. Mentally Checked Out- If your response for your availability for work is, “I don’t know if I will be available to do it.”
  8. Gone Fishing- If you have devised a plan to take all of your personal days because you know that the company doesn’t pay employees for their personal time.
  9. Working It at Work- If you schedule phone interviews for possible employment at your desk during your lunch break.
  10. Sick Office Building Syndrome- If the very sight of your office building or mention of your organization’s name causes you to get upset, break out in a rash, or start swearing.
  11. Thirty Minutes My A@@- If you have to leave your purse or other belongings at work when you go out for lunch to ensure that you will return.
  12. One of these days, Pow’ Right in the Kisser- If you have dreams, reoccurring scenarios or imaginations of doing great bodily harm to your nerve wrecking bosses and co-workers.
  13. An apple a day- If you schedule every doctor’s appointment you can think of in a weeks time and call in all of your prescription refills.
  14. Check Yes or No- If you put “Start Date Immediately Right Now, Like For Real Right Now” on job applications.
  15. It’s Not You, It’s Me- And finally, if you are currently in the airport returning from vacation and deciding to use #2; realizing that you have already used #1 through #14; then it might definitely be time for you to start looking for employment elsewhere.  But then again, maybe it’s just me?  Just Saying…

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