"Ain't a woman alive that could take my mama's place." Dear Mama, 2Pac

It's mother's day.  A day to celebrate the mother in your life.  Today church pews will be filled, restaurants will be packed and neighborhood streets will be flooded with local vendors selling roses, balloons, cards and special mother's day plaques.  Today the radio will be filled with special song requests for that special mother who makes 'the world's best potato salad'. No matter what radio station you tune into, you are guaranteed to hear songs like, "I'll Always Love My Mama" by the Intruders, "A Song For Mama" by Boyz 2 Men, or "Dear Mama" by 2Pac.

While all of these songs have sentimentality there is just something about "Dear Mama" that just sums up everything an appreciative child feels about their mother.  Even the strongest of men can tear up when the verse hits, "cause through the drama I can always depend on my mama."  According to "Dear Mama is one of 25 songs added to the National Recording Registry in 2010.  The Library of Congress has called "Dear Mama" a moving and eloquent all mothers struggling to maintain a family in the face of addiction, poverty and societal indifference."

Women go through so much daily dealing with her own issues, flaws and insecurities.  Yet she loves her children enough to shield them from her hurt and disappointment.  Juggling her own problems while balancing raising her children.  Still very child-like herself, learning and growing with her children, admittedly a work in progress.  Although she isn't perfect, she still was perfect enough for her children.  So with that being said, it is time to acknowledge those strong women in our lives special enough to hold the title, the term of endearment, Mama.  Happy Mother's Day to the following Mamas:

  • To the women who just found out that they are going to be Mamas!
  • To the women who are pregnant for the first time and don't have far before delivery.
  • To the women who have waited later on in life to become a mother.
  • To the women who are mothers to other women's children.
  • To the women who are stepmothers to their husband's children.
  • To the women who are recently divorced and now have to do it alone.
  • To the women who are single-parents and struggle everyday.
  • To the women who are now motherless because they have lost their children to violence.
  • To the women who have lost their lives in delivery.
  • To the women who have adopted children.
  • To the women who have stepped in to raise children to keep them from going into the system.
  • To the women who can not physically have their own children.
  • To the women who are surrogates for other women.
  • To the women who mentor other women's children.
  • To the women who have sacrificed all that they have for their children.
  • To the women who have mothered children and have never been recognized or properly thanked.
  • To the women who don't have children but are still mothers to other women's children.
  • To the women who are young mothers.
  • To the MEN who are full-time mothers to their children doing it alone without the help of a woman.

Anyone can lay down and make a child.  But it takes a special someone to lay down her life to sacrifice all that she has to ensure that her children will be all that God created them to be.  Acknowledging the following women for doing what they were supposed to do:

Martha Fletcher, Fanesta Hitchcock, Earlyne Howard, Weltha Hitchcock, Deborisia Hitchcock, Lorraine Hitchcock,

Inez Nellem, LaWonda Nellem, Claudia Nellem-Smith, Lolita Nellem, Precious Nellem, Janice Nellem, Danette Nellem,

Bonnie Fletcher, Ashley Fletcher, Sharon Smith, Deborah Hall, Margaret Biggs, Patricia Smith,

Margaret Fletcher, Deboresia Bradley, Jescinda Howard, Wendy Fuller-Stewart, Yolanda Howard,

Ronika Pinckney, Christina Reed, Rosie Pinckney, Juan Pinckney, Devon Pinckney, Kenneta Scott,

Melody Nellem, Mickey Nellem, Karina Nellem, Jakyra Nellem, Kareisha Nellem, Ki-Ki Nellem, Louise Nellem, Danesha Nellem, Erica Nellem, Re-Re,

Stephanie Clark-Collins, Shannon Shelby, Shonda Stockley, Aminah Wyatt-Jones, Da'Keda Horton,

Danielle Redden, Danielle Pollard, Daisy, Donna, Gayle, Gvonne Turner, Jasmine Kizart, Vanessa, Kesha Lewis, Clara Lewis, Pamela, Rose Mary

LaBerta Cravion, LaTonia Smalls-Pouncey, Lolita Nurse, Melzetta Ausby, Monica Willis, Mrs. Coffey,

Paula Everett, Nikisha Marshall, Sabriyah Mohammad, Patrice Colar, Renell Brown, Kesha, Sandra Chambers, Alana Santiago,

Rosie Renteria, Sandy, Shavonne Prentiss, Sharonda, Stacy Jones-Haynes, Sonya Cephus, Yvonne Harris, Glenetta McNeal, AT,

Tamika Mitchell, Jackie Mitchell, Tina Ford, Toni Keller, Tracy Perry, Trazay Owens, Annie, Janet Bustamante, Janice Pernell, Mary Medina,

Tiffany Kinsey, Audrey Tarver, Chanita Dean, Danielle, Lady, Amanda, Dee, Janice Evans-Wilson, Chenae Pullins, Kathy McClure,

Tracy Coffey-Davis, Jackie Colyer, Angie Winfield, Pamela Shropshire, Ashanti Morgan, Bedelia Lewis.

Special mention to the following women who are no longer with us.  Without these Mamas there would be no mothers:

Margaret Hitchcock, Fannie Nell Woods,  Jannie Holman, Annie Walton, Beverly Jean Walton, Lenora Joiner, Mrs. Hendrix, Frances Nellem, Carol Nellem, Jeanette Nellem

And to all of the women and mothers not on this list that are too fabulous to forget in Chicagoland and nation wide:

For all that you do, for all that you are, and for all that you have sacrificed, "YOU ARE APPRECIATED!"  Just saying...







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