Why Your Attitude Is Costing You Money!

How many can relate?  Have you ever entered the check-out line at a store, greeted the cashier, "Hello, how are you?" she has a blank stare on her face looking at you as if you were a talking monkey.  You repeat yourself, you assume she can't hear, because no one in customer service could be this rude.  You speak again.  "Hello, how are you?"  She makes no eye contact, smirks her lips and mumbles, "Will this complete your order?"  From that point on she is going to make sure that you understand that you have ruined her work shift.  She starts grabbing items aggressively, loudly slamming things, and deliberately 'huffing'.  At this point this girl has tested your patience and humanity you request to see a manager before you tear the store up.

Question?  Why are some of us so upset?  Or better yet, why do some of us take jobs in the customer service industry when we don't want to provide customer service?  Customer service representatives are the first point of contact in an establishment.  If a customer constantly experiences rude behavior, a "that's not my job attitude" they will take their hard-earned money elsewhere.  When the customer goes, the money goes.  Once the money leaves the community, then it is hard to develop an economically successful community.  Literally, one bad attitude can cause a community millions of dollars!

Customer service positions are not the only way your attitude can cause you money.  Here are a few examples.

Employment opportunities - If you have a bad attitude it will be hard for you to get a job because a hiring manager will not want to work with you.  Furthermore, if you do land the job, it might be hard to keep it because of the run-ins with your co-workers and clients you lash out on.

Networking - If you have a bad attitude you are more likely to be passed over for opportunities to network.  Your friend knows of a job opening but because of your attitude she doesn't want to personally recommend you; and truthfully she doesn't want you to bring that drama to her place of employment!

Personal Development - Because your attitude is so bad you foolishly won't accept opportunities to better yourself.  There are self-improvement courses you can take and individuals who want to work with you but you are not willing to change.

Friendships - You are connected to some friends who can help you get to where you want to be.  But because of your attitude your friends find you impossible to work with.

While one might think that a negative attitude is no big deal-that assumption couldn't be any farther from the truth.  A negative attitude is not only damaging to one's reputation, it is damaging to one's pockets.  Every opportunity that you are overlooked because of your negative attitude WILL cost you money.  Pleasant attitudes yield positive bank accounts.  When it comes to networking people are more likely to help an individual that is likable.  So, if you are looking to add dollars to your wallet-change your attitude!  Just saying...



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