Why You Need a G.P.S.

When you decide to take a trip and are unsure of how to get there you invest in a GPS.  Most people purchase GPS with the intent of using it for unfamiliar destinations.  Just as a physical GPS is needed to guide you while traveling; once you have determined that you are ready to go somewhere in life you should invest in your individual G.P.S.  G.P.S. are your Goals, Purpose/Plans and Success.  To get where you want to go you must make sure your G.P.S. is set accordingly.  Understand the following before you pull out of the driveway:

You are at Point A, you enter your coordinates to get to Point B (your goal, where you see yourself or what you want to be).

Your G.P.S. calculates the hours (amount of time to achieve goal) it will take to get to your destin(y)ation.

Your G.P.S. only works if you have a vehicle (your gift, your talent).

Your vehicle (your gift, your talent) needs fuel (the energy you put into your gift) to run efficiently.

You have invested (money spent on courses, trainings, workshops) in your vehicle (your gift, your talent) so don't just let anyone ride in it!  Be selective with the passengers you choose (everyone can't go on the journey with you).

On the way to your destin(y)ation you may run into traffic (people and things prohibiting you from reaching your goal); however realize that whether you speed or if you put your vehicle (your gift, your talent) on cruise-control you will still make it to your destin(y)ation.

If you see a sign to detour (people and things that can take you off path) and you need to take an exit that was not part of the original travel plans (sometimes there can be more than one way to reach your goal) your G.P.S. will signal that you have driven off course and will recalculate directions to get you back on path.

If you become exhausted with traveling because you feel that you haven't made any progress.  Pull over to a rest stop (to regroup and gather your thoughts).  You will realize you have travelled farther than you thought. Understand that small steady and consistent forward movements will get you to your destin(y)ation.

If you become frustrated on when you will arrive at your destin(y)ation don't start speeding.  Be cautious, your vehicle (gift, talent) was not meant to be driven that way.  Obey the speed limits, and be a defensive driver (being aware of what other people do around you) and you will make it safely.

In life there will be many goals you want to accomplish.  Just as you plan your goals you must make room to navigate obstacles that will stand in the way of your goals.  When mapping your destin(y)ation make sure your G.P.S. (Goals, Purpose/Plans, Success) is set to correct coordinates.  This means that your goals should be aligned with your purpose in life, and your purpose should determine what type of plan you need in order to be successful.

Keep in mind although you might set your G.P.S. to a specific destin(y)ation it doesn't mean that you will always exactly end up where the G.P.S. was set.  Sometimes the location of the destin(y)ation no longer exists (your plan no longer goes with your purpose).  However, your G.P.S. will adjust to handle those conditions.  Eventually you will arrive at your destin(y)ation, even if it is later than you anticipated.  It is said that sometimes the trip is better than the destin(y)ation.  And if you have your G.P.S. you are guaranteed to arrive just in time.  Destination shortly approaching on the left! Just saying...


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