3 Reasons Why You Need A New Circle of Friends

When you are working on self-improvement, creating new goals or
even working towards a new career or business venture you must get
around women who are where you want to be or who are going where
you are going. That means you must step outside of your circle. Sometimes your circle can allow you a false sense of security where your friends are unable to challenge you in the way that you need challenging. Here are three reasons why you should consider stepping outside of your circle of friends:

1. To be around like-minded women- You must surround yourself with individuals who have the desire and determination to do what you do. This doesn't mean that you have the same goals however you share the same common ground of being successful.

2. To be challenged- A good circle of women will constantly challenge her friends to become better. They won't let their friend get complacent with her goals and they will support the goals she has set for herself.

3. To be held accountable- In order for you to make change you need individuals around you who will hold you accountable and make you stand on your word. If you decide that you are going to do something these friends will hold you to that until you finish it. These women will constantly remind you of that 'thing' you wanted to do.

When searching for circles of friends find women who are willing to encourage and support you. Surround yourself with women who will challenge you to be better. Ask yourself, is it time to change your circle? Is your circle a square? Just saying...

For more reasons why you need a new circle of friends check out "think outside of the box and step out of your circle" in Marty's upcoming book about improving friendships between women.

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    Marty Fletcher

    Marty Fletcher is an author, blogger and expert in improving the relationships between women. Marty Fletcher is the 'Go To Girl for Girlfriends'. She is the author of "Broken Whole", a book written to uplift, encourage and improve the self-esteem of women. Her latest book "The Better Than Best Friend Guide: Becoming The Friend You Need Her To Be" offers suggestions on how women can improve their friendships. This book will be her second in her Short Attention Span Series (SASS) of books tailored to empower, motivate and inspire women to become better women and better friends.

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