A Killer Technologically Accomplished/ Unseen, lethal,Deadly and Spread by Friendlies/A Future Nightmare

While most of America and other parts of the world are trying to avoid becoming victims of a killer virus there have to be others thinking more sinister things than fighting off a silent deadly killer. Make no mistake all eyes on upon us. Huge swathes of America have come to a virtual standstill. Our economy is in chaos, our entertainment venues are completely shut down outside of the home. No sports, hockey, basketball, the Olympics, see you next year if we are lucky. Baseball and golf disappearing from the summer scene so far.


College or professional, makes no differentiation, little league to pee wee baseball shut down completely, so far. No theatre, movies or live stage, no opera, no concerts, no gathering on our beaches, parks, and other social venues shut down, all across the nation. Conventions canceled, restaurants closed, weddings and celebrations put on hold until UNTIL HAS BECOME THE MOST IMPORTANT WORD FOR US AMERICANS. A nation founded on the promise of inclusion, a melting pot of so many, the country's motto E PLURIBUS UNUM (out of many one) has become a society that is afraid to get within 6 feet of each other for fear of becoming a victim of a terrible illness or death. Imagine a month ago, who would have thought the words SOCIAL DISTANCING AND ESSENTIAL MOVEMENT would become as essential as locking our doors at night.


Add to all this panic and chaos we have our elected leaders every single day before the cameras laying blame on almost anything they can think of except a good long look in the mirror and instead of coming together seems satisfied spinning the scores of shortcomings a Global Pandemic can and is causing. Every news show or news station I have watched starts the show shouting BREAKING NEWS, well yea! it's breaking who the hell has seen anything like it.




They seem to thrive when they can capture a governor or mayor or almost any blowhard politician willing to openly blame the President or the Federal Government, or even each other, offering a myriad of excuses trying to explain the sudden attack of panic and fear that has America reeling, accusing each other of hoarding supplies and not being prepared. This is not to suggest the President has not indulged in the same behavior. Not once have I ever heard a call for UNITY. This great country up until now has answered every threat for 244 years. Those call to arms to unite and fight whether it be an enemy who threatens our freedom, or those in our own backyard suppressing other peoples exercising their freedom in a  country that calls itself the LAND OF THE FREE.

Our enemies have been trying to do to America what this virus has done, without ever firing a shot or leaving their homelands. Our warriors are not going to win this war, our technology and the cooperation of our people will. The 911 hijackers were nothing but ruffians and thugs exposed for what they really were. The face of the future may be out there learning from this. We may someday wish we could face down suicide bombers and hijackers, airport security checks, long-range missiles, American boots on a foreign soil fighting an enemy we can clearly see and identify, but indeed an enemy we cannot readily see that is spread by loved ones, friends, and strangers beside us, will take a lot more than a call to arms and anger. Despots without question are looking at this and the wheels of destruction are most likely going to change the way we view our survival.


We are being tested like never before, an unseen enemy is among us.  How we react and bounce back may dictate our very future. Is it going to be a lesson learned?  Surely there will be others that may try to learn from this.  Are we going to be up to the task?

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