I am Woman/Hear Me Roar/ A Victory for our Mothers/Wives/ Daughters/ A Wake up call for the Harvey Weinstein"s and Beyond

I am Woman/Hear Me Roar/ A Victory for our Mothers/Wives/ Daughters/ A Wake up call for the Harvey Weinstein"s and Beyond

I imagine doing almost anything while angry is not a very smart decision. Most things that are done in anger, of course, leave an impression sometimes that really doesn't define who we really are, especially when it's something written down and leaves a lasting footprint that cannot be erased. That's the dilemma I find myself in while writing this post. When the news broke a few minutes ago that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of 2 felony sex crimes in his trial in New York City, to use the word elated would probably best describe my feelings, temporarily.



I have to admit, I think if you asked any cop who worked Homicide/Sex they would tell you working rape cases in most instances caused more personal grief then homicides. The rape victim was alive and up close and personal. One could see not only the physical damage but also the mental stress and strain the victim is left with, a trauma that sometimes lasts a lifetime. The anger I always felt for the suffering of those victims is still present inside me today. A spark of victory doesn't mean the fire is out, but today, to me at least, was a historic breakthrough against the Harvey Weinsteins of the world.


If you are rich, fat, ugly, loathsome, despicable, and possess a 300-pound frame, (descriptions used to describe Weinstein by many folks) and have been accused by some 100 women, and God knows scores more, who chose to stay silent for one reason or another, sooner or later justice would prevail. As the nation watched for weeks, this despicable piece of vermin crawl into the courtroom with his handy walker ( a Hollywood prop no doubt) to face his accusers, it seems he was not below trying for jury sympathies. He lived and worked in the world of make-believe.



In the end, 6 courageous women who came forward and testified finally said enough was enough. God bless the jury. For women all over the world, the tried and true method of Harvey Weinstein's "Method of Operation" (MO) was exposed to the world in open court.  I can hear Helen Reddy shouting. "I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR." We will be watching you. Count on it.




Bringing Harvey to justice was so much more than say, Bill Cosby,  both despicable louts but a different method of operation (that MO again) just like most criminals, what works for you, why you just keep doing it.  Cosby used drugs (date rape drugs) to get most of his victims to submit. Weinstein used his enormous wealth and power to make or break careers. He was surrounded by so many sycophants, from Oprah, Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton to Meryl Streep calling him God before a worldwide audience. You can only guess what their motivations were. His behavior has been, according to scores of people, well known for years. Funny, since he's been on trial and disgraced I wonder where they are all at. There doesn't seem to be a 100-yard dash to explain all the past obsequious previous behavior heaped on Harvey.  Oh well! "who knew?" will be the cry of the hypocrites who let their struggling SISTERS down big time.


Of course, being a male one tends to not find themselves in the shoes of the victims who in Weinstein's case were strictly females. But alas I would have to have been blind not to have observed this behavior first hand. Back in the early 80s the Chicago Police Department was probably 92% male give or take a few. But soon after the City was sued in Federal Court for lack of diversity, the doors opened up for Blacks, Hispanics, and women to become Chicago Police officers. My wife was one of those women. When she first graduated from the police academy in 1982 and was assigned to patrol duty covering the City's streets she was the only female assigned to an entire watch. The stories of her treatment by a mostly all-male profession would fill an entire book but that's not what she wanted.


Men behaving badly, of course, is not startling news, but men in powerful positions trying to gain advantages both sexually and not accepting females as equals was a problem not only for female cops but to all women entering a workplace that was once male-dominated. For you folks who might want to know how we made it as a couple in our world of cops, I thought I  would share a little insight. . When she reported to my unit as an undercover officer things just happened, a romance was in full swing. Once we both realized the situation was not in the best interest of the workplace, she requested a transfer back to her prior unit and the request was granted. Thirty-five years later, it was the right decision. Nobody is perfect of course and sometimes the only remedy is the court system. I believe today's verdict will go a long way in the education for those Harvey Weinsteins of the world. Courage is like a gentle stream when caught up in the rapids, it becomes a powerful unstoppable force. The Weinstein accusers have spoken," DON'T TREAD ON ME."




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