Here Scape Goat/Here Scape Goat/ When the buck stops at you/There are no mirrors when in search of questions you have no answer to/Let the Spin begin.

Here Scape Goat/Here Scape Goat/ When the buck stops at you/There are no mirrors when in search of questions you have no answer to/Let the Spin begin.

It was just a matter of time before Mayor Lightfoot like it or not commented on the explosion of crime in Chicago in the last 42 days. 54 murders and over 235 people shot including several high profile incidents that even the most adept politician could not spin away from. The Mayor, of course, made headlines this afternoon with this statement. THE CITY COULD HAVE A MESS ON OUR HANDS ' IF POLICE DON'T USE EVERY TOOL AGAINST VIOLENCE: My question was, what tools do they have left? Just last week the Mayor was railing about so-called runaway police overtime. Part of her strategy was to flood the anticipated gang war zones with as many cops as possible. If that's the strategy, it's common sense if you are going to work cops overtime for 12-hour shifts, cops are like anybody else that has a union, they have a contract and that contract calls for time and a  half-pay working canceled days off.  So one cannot gripe about paying overtime to implement your own strategy. It should have been basic knowledge.



Back in August 2015, the ACLU threatened to bring the City of Chicago to court. Their contention was that Chicago Cops were stopping and detaining a larger percentage of minorities than non-minorities (PROFILING). Regardless of the fact that several Chicago neighborhoods are 95% to 96% minority. That fact did not seem to register with the ACLU and ultimately the former Mayor and his the Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. Of course, the Cops making those stops were on record claiming each stop was according to the Stop and Frisk rules laid down by the United States  Supreme Court, in a landmark case called Terry vs Ohio. In other words, the areas where the majority of the stops were made were areas infested with high volumes of violent criminal activity, where gangs ruled the neighborhoods. Nevertheless, the city buckled and agreed to a form where an officer and his partner had to fill out a detailed written report for every stop made, according to the agreement. Immediately from August 7, 2015, to the present time, murders and shooting skyrocketed in the City.


Street stops were 80% down from the previous years whereas before the agreement some stops lasted less than 2 minutes. Now just to inquire as to what a person is doing in an alley at 3 am took between 30 and forty minutes to fill out the form and tied up 2 cops from aggressive patrols. In 2016 the following year murders escalated to over 800 murders and over 4,000 people shot. The gangs are much smarter than the politicians gave them credit for, they figured it out immediately.



Adding to this the Superintendent saw fit to disband the Gang Units citywide who were the specialists that dealt with gang violence and intelligence. He did this because Rahm Emanuel when he was running for Mayor of the City promised 1,000 more cops for Chicago's streets. Most folks, including the media, assumed he meant hire 1,000 more cops. How wrong they were. Emanuel said he was sending the cops into districts to fight crime in the neighborhoods. Superintendent McCarthy had no choice but to send the specialized unit cops back into districts to fulfill Emanuel's campaign promise. The site of Gang Specialists answering dog bite and domestic calls while the gangs were running wild was a very tough thing to swallow for veteran cops. But politics always prevail in Chicago. McCarthy is on record saying after he was fired by Emanuel that City hall was always meddling in Police affairs. Asked why he didn't resist, he simply stated that he loved his job and he wanted to keep it. Common sense dictates if the man who hired you says jump, you jump if not, it's bye-bye.


We are into 42 days of 2020 and crime has gone off the rails.  Killings and shootings have gone nuts and no amount of talk is going to stop it. Crime on the CTA has jumped 105% in the last 5 years. The gangs are a powerful force that will only respond to another force stronger than them, not a tame department (whose toolbox keeps getting its tools removed,) that's restricted to even stopping thug suspects. Chicago's Cops last year confiscated 10,850 GUNS in 2019 and the Cook County States Attorney (YES! HER AGAIN) and the COURT SYSTEM is letting the overwhelming majority of them walk without any type of accountability or punishment(talk about gun control and more gun laws) One thug just a few days ago murdered 2 people in a robbery while he was out on probation for two other robberies. Before that, he was on home confinement for an array of other crimes.

Fifty-one people are on home confinement who have been charged with first-degree murder along with 100s more charged with felonies in Chicago and Cook County. Thousand are on home confinement and some cannot even be accounted for. One thug was arrested in Minnesota involved in the biggest drug arrest in one of their cities.


In my opinion, Politicians should quit talking "POLICE USING TOOLS" and tell the truth.  It's your political buddies who are the most culpable; you know, KIM, TONI and JUDGE EVANS who loathe you for taking the Mayor's Office from them.  They are getting their revenge.  The only thing that's going to stop the VIOLENCE is either another POLAR VORTEX or you wake up and quit blaming the COPS.  LOOK AROUND.  Chicago's gangs are winning a war against a bunch of misguided politicians who are always looking for a SCAPEGOAT instead of looking in a mirror.





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