The Killers Among You/ A Place where nobody seems To know their Names/The Smell of fear dominates.

The Killers Among You/ A Place where nobody seems To know their Names/The Smell of fear dominates.

Shortly after Father Michael Pflager of Saint Sabina church held yet another peace march commemorating the thousands of gunshot victims in Chicago, another victim was shot down and killed virtually on the steps of his St Sabina church. The victim became the 19th murder victim and 74th person shot since the start of 2020. Baring another Polar Vortex that struck the city last year, this January's murders and shootings are going to send the previously giddy politicians to HOW! are we going to spin our way out of this.  You'll recall that in the last days of 2019 the City's politicians and police brass were taking so many bows every chiropractor in the City was seeing dollar signs. Of course, the giddiness was brought about because of the MURDER rate dipping below the 500 mark for the first time in 5 years(492).  YEA! they were somehow elated with only 492 souls murdered. Somehow the word "ONLY" and 492 murdered struck me as a tad pathetic. I could only be reminded of the fact that if you put clowns before a camera you get a circus.


Father Pfleger is drawn to the media like a fly on dog poop.  He has led so many so-called peace marches John Philip Sousa's legacy is in danger. To his credit, this one was at least on the killing grounds in his Gresham neighborhood and not several miles away on the expressways blocking traffic. It's no secret that the violence that has entire neighborhoods living in fear is GANG related. As you can see in Pflager's latest headline accompanying this post he cries out, "HOW CAN WE STOP IT?"  It's the gangs,  Father you know it is, but to even hear the WORD gangs mentioned is almost as slim as hearing the word "SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICXPIALIDOCIOUS." One answer to his question of how can't we stop it is obvious, not by marches Father.  Gang thugs don't care about "NO STINKING MARCHES."


The people and victims in those neighborhoods under siege know what they are up against.  No amount of marches will help them in any way. Mourn the victims by holding their killers and shooters accountable.  The only way to remove the cancer among them is to cut it out. Gang retaliation and intimidation is real. Folks have no confidence that if they cooperate they will not be the next victim. Look to the "everybody gets a bond system" in Cook County.   Criminals are virtually released within 24 hours. The Chicago Police Department in 2019 seized over 10,800 guns off Chicago's streets. Are the jails bulging with criminal gun offenders?  The answer is hell, no, they are back in the communities they have been terrorizing, sometimes within hours. If you cooperated, under those circumstances, one would most likely be in danger of retaliation which is swift and sure. Home confinement, the Joke of Cook County's Criminal Justice System.



Cops when working those gang-infested neighborhoods can smell the fear, can feel it.  It dominates entire neighborhoods. Rest assured if the Cops can smell it so can the power Thugs, and they exploit it. To keep suggesting that the cops working those communities must instill trust in order for folks to come forward and cooperate is as overblown as a late-night auto commercial. Fear dominates overall. A glaring example that has been entirely lost on a City looking for answers is the story of Treja Kelly an 18-year-old pregnant teen.  While walking with a girlfriend in the neighborhood, a lone gunman suddenly sprang from an alley and fired several shots into Treja, killing her and her unborn child. Just a week prior to her death Treja testified against Donte Davis in a Cook County courtroom. Davis was charged with the killing of Treja's cousin in 2016, in which she was a witness. Davis was convicted of first-degree murder. A heroic young lady who came forward and cooperated.


The killer of Treja and her unborn child has never been held accountable and most likely never will. The authorities made no attempt to protect her. The State Attorneys Office took no special precautions to ensure her safety. Anybody who thinks or says that it was not a revenge killing is playing to an agenda. Until entire communities come together and say enough is enough, the killers among them will continue to dominate and intimidate, and Father Pfleger and other useful idiots will pretend they don't have an answer to stop the killers who live among them. These are not invaders, they are known by the communities they prey on. The constant blaming and looking for scapegoats leaves nothing but more anguish to come.



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