Safe and Secure/ Hollywood Hypocrites and Politicians PIMPING FOR THE GUN LOBBY/ Bullshit in America/ The Hypocrisy Season Invades the Airwaves.

Safe and Secure/ Hollywood Hypocrites and Politicians PIMPING FOR THE GUN LOBBY/ Bullshit in America/ The Hypocrisy Season Invades the Airwaves.

If you haven't noticed that America and especially Chicago are in the midst of an election cycle you are either a cave dweller or homeless and without radio or television. There is so much bullshit flying around you would think you might be in Pamplona on the Feast of St Fermin in July when the bulls run and shit in the streets. The wild promises the candidates make are so extraordinary that some are pissed that turning water into wine and feeding the multitudes (15,000 folks) with two fishes and five loaves of bread was already taken by Jesus of Nazareth. One guy, Michael Bloomberg a billionaire from New York,  has given a $50 million dollar dog and pony show donation to the Brady Campaign. The Brady Campaign advocates making the exercise of your Second Amendment rights more difficult to impossible. It should not be surprising that they were formally known as "HANDGUN CONTROL INC." and before that the "Coalition to Ban Handguns."




Bloomberg is desperately trying to keep his head above water to get oxygen for publicity and relevance in his campaign to buy the presidency in an ever-changing world where more and more Americans recognize and appreciate the life-saving benefits of firearm owners to themselves and their families. While Bloomberg is prancing all over the country going from newsrooms to the New York Times, to television studios to buy his ads advocating taking 400 million guns away from American citizens, he is surrounded by several heavily armed bodyguards himself.  As you can see in the photo above Bloomberg is also announcing to anyone with a set of eyes and ears that he is deeply sorry that when he was Mayor of New York he condoned the Police Department's right to Stop and Frisk, which many folks attributed to New York's dramatic drop in crime, and still do. He never said a word about this until he decided to buy the presidency. I'm thinking that black voters are not as naive as he thinks they are.   The irony in this is stunning at least to me.




In fact, if we give it a little thought most people described as "Gun Grabbers" in the United States who are politicians, have armed protection around the clock. The photo above names a few, not included is the Pope who has more protection than most American politicians who want to take America's guns away but keep their security for themselves. Of course, this leads me to the colossal pool of ultimate "HYPOCRITE", Celebrities. By definition, a hypocritic is a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue, or a person who ACTS in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs. Hollywood stars might be given a pass.  I mean, after all, they do pretend to be other people. However, there are instances when their true colors are revealed so to speak. Look no further than Bill Cosby who acted as a comedian for several years and lectured black families on how to live their lives every chance he got. He's now serving a prison sentence for drugging women and raping them. Probably Abraham Lincoln's description (below) of a HYPOCRITE is my favorite and just about sums it up.


Then, of course, we have Quentin Tarantino who is constantly babbling about gun control in America. Tarantino's movies have so much violence it's hard to count up the victims even if you slow the movie down.  There are just too many bodies to count. His movies rival Chicago's street gangs for people murdered, only the Chicago thugs are doing it in real life, Tarantino is doing it for millions of dollars. Which brings me back to the Hollywood phonies and hypocrites.

In a few weeks, movie buffs and star chasers will be settled in to watch yet another of Hollywood's salute to themselves, the Academy Awards. There are so many Hollywood celebrities that are involved in movements to disarm all of America's gun owners I could not list them in 20 posts but I can point out the hypocrisies that exist among them. This year's Academy Awards will yet again be protected by a massive security presence with State, Federal, and local law enforcement anchored by a 500 officer contingent from the Los Angeles Police Department. This deployment will be on par or slightly larger than in past years



Visitors and celebrities alike are required to pass through security perimeters before they even reach the "Red Carpet" outside the theatre in Hollywood. Security preparations for the annual awards are a massive undertaking with planning virtually beginning at the end of last year's show. The first street closures begin 3 weeks prior to the show. Scores of explosive sniffing dogs and every car parked within a half-mile get a wand for potential planted bombs. Metal detectors are employed and every person is scanned, and yet it's those great heavily protected that want American citizens to give up their protection.


The above photo says it all in my opinion."HYPOCRITES: HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES ENJOY  ARMED SECURITY, WHILE PIMPING GUN CONTROL FOR YOU AND ME. When they leave the Awards ceremony they will go back to their craft of producing and advertising films that contain massive amounts of gun violence where folks are slaughtered by the thousands with little or no concern for the effects that that has on America's gun violence and America's vulnerable youth. Next time you hear a politician say this after airing their commercial, "I'm blah blah blah and I approve of this ad," remember this -- THEY PAID FOR THAT AD.  "I'M BOB ANGONE AND I APPROVE OF THIS POST."


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