A Quick Quiz/ A Kidnapping and Multiple Rapes Over Six Days/ A Cop Reacting To A Face Full of Spit/ Which One is more Disturbing?

I promise I will not try to prejudice your answer. Just the facts, and nothing but the facts. A few days ago a Chicago Police officer responded to a call of a disturbance in a bus stop by an individual who was drinking from an open bottle of alcohol. When the officer tried to get the man to move on his way he was met with a barrage of verbal abuse and resistance.


When the officers attempted to take the individual into custody one of the officers was assaulted with a face full of SPIT (EYES AND MOUTH.)  The officer reacted by grabbing the individual and performed a takedown in order to avoid further assault. A bystander who happened to be near the confrontation and in keeping with today's world recorded the takedown of the offender. Within hours on both social media and the mainstream press, the video went viral for the world to observe.


I'm sure most people would agree that spitting in an individual's face is repulsive, disgusting, and potentially dangerous. Now let me call your attention to another incident that the public and the press became aware of. Both stories appeared in the same press run. A YOUNG CHICAGO (20) WOMAN WAS ASSAULTED AND KIDNAPPED WHILE WAITING FOR A BUS. She was transported to a basement where she was held for 6 days where she was sexually assaulted by multiple people.

The headline above is stunning, without question. Now which one of these incidents generated the press to call for a statement from Mayor Lightfoot?  If you guessed the one of the cop defending himself trying to effect an arrest, you could be a future Jeopardy contestant.  The hush over the kidnapping story is startling and in my opinion, tells a story of its own.img_3674

Let's play a game here, and imagine you are a cop, confronted with a FACE FULL OF SPIT. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? I know how most cops will answer, but let's imagine you were on that scene. The call was a man causing a disturbance in a bus stop while drinking. A police officer responding tries to send him on his way where he is met by hostile threats, resistance and eventually unloads a face full of spit into the mouth and eyes of the officer. The officer responds with a TAKEDOWN which is taught in every police academy in America to ward off threats and injury. The takedown quickly became a BODYSLAM in the press headlines, a body slam on hard concrete. Remember the scene was dictated not by the cops, but by the offender.

No question the press doing what they are sworn to do, somehow locates the Mayor and asks for a statement of the video. Her response was that she FOUND IT DISTURBING WHICH BECAME THE HEADLINE.  However, she did also say that although it was just a snippet of video and she called for an immediate and complete investigation. That last part of her statement would require a Mount Palomar type telescope because it was not in the headline.


So far in the aftermath of these incidents, the offender has been charged with a felony and several other charges. He has been arrested over 19 times and has a history of resisting arrest. The officer was immediately relieved and stripped of his police powers by the Civilian Office of Police accountability, this even before they have taken the officer's statement. What will be the final results? Did the Mayor's ill-advised statement dictate their decision, of guilty before the facts are known? Standby.

It's not my intention to weigh in on police decisions or protect criminal or bad behavior by cops, Cops especially are not above the law, HOWEVER, THEY ARE NOT BELOW IT EITHER. Go ahead tell me what you would have done? Be a cop for a few seconds. In the meantime, the kidnapping and rape incident has vanished from the face of the earth, and a decent cop is sitting at home.



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