The Rush to Hush/ The Chicago City Council/The Real Second City Comedy Acts

The Rush to Hush/ The Chicago City Council/The Real Second City Comedy Acts

The Chicago City Council is made up of fifty elected officials who basically run every aspect of the City. Yea! 90% to 95% rubber stamps for at least the last 4 Mayors.  Probably one of the most corrupt and incompetent bodies of lawmakers ever to inhabit the planet earth. They can be best described by the song Lyrics from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band or,( Steelers Wheel) and believe me, I'm not alone in my thinking. "THERE'S CLOWNS TO THE LEFT OF ME, JOKERS TO THE RIGHT OF ME, AND HERE I AM, STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU." Indeed all of Chicago is stuck in the middle.


A  University of Illinois at Chicago report details the insane political excesses seemingly inherent in Chicago. Since 1973, 35 Alderman have been convicted of corruption. That's just about one-third of all the  Alderman that have served. To add to this there are at least 3 more who are waiting in the on-deck circle for a trip to the Federal CROWBAR hotel. They are doing slightly better than Illinois Governors who have a 57% conviction rate since 1970. Hell, it's something they can brag about. They probably do.

If it's possible to put the corruption aside, we have to take a look at another aspect of the City council and that is the incompetence and blundering that unfortunately is not a crime. Being incompetent and stupid just adds to another nightmare for all of Chicago's taxpayers.  The sale of the Skyway, the preposterous blundering of selling Chicago's Parking meters, costing the City billions of future revenues for another 60 years at least. There are a lot more, but one gets the picture. Not since America purchased Alaska and Louisiana has such blundering occurred on the planet earth?  So it is always with great interest that whenever an Alderman manages to snag an interview with a reporter it gets my full attention. Once the blubbering and posturing start, it pays, to pay very close attention.



This past week 20th ward Alderman  Jeannette Taylor and several of her City Hall Colleagues were given coverage to vent their disapproval of Chicago's Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. The focus of their attention was the results of the Laquan McDonald investigation that was submitted to them by the City Inspector General, Joeseph  Ferguson. Somewhere in that report, Ferguson's watchdogs stated that Superintendent Johnson then a Deputy Chief of patrol viewed a video of the shooting almost two weeks later, and did not speak out. The scent of ignorance once again by elected officials was so bad that I just had to come to the Superintendent's defense. In the bible, a Scape Goat is ritually burdened with the sins of others and driven away and cast into the desert to carry away the sins of others. Eddie Johnson is not that convenient Scapegoat, as much as those Alderman are trying to make him one.



After all his integrity and character were being challenged by (GULP) City officials, calling for his resignation. What the Alderman did not know or if they did they refused to acknowledge it, that Eddie Johnson was not in the direct chain of Command to properly weigh in on an investigation he had no knowledge of. It probably would be asking way too much for those Alderman to remember back when the video surfaced even the then-Superintendent Garry McCarthy is on record saying that any decisions regarding that video were above HIS PAYGRADE, INFERING THAT A MEDDLING CITY HALL DECIDED IT'S ULTIMATE FATE.

In case the Alderman delivering those low blows would be interested to know that the Chicago Police Department is a semi Military organization and Department Chiefs, all 12 of them do not EVER weigh in on or interfere with investigations that they are not fully cognizant of.  To do so would be chaotic and go beyond any sense of professionalism. The only person that has the power to do that is the Superintendent of Police.


The shooting death of Laquan McDonald without question has put several people in the crosshairs they belong in, but to suggest that Superintendent  Johnson is one of them is totally out of line and it strongly reminds us that there are no morals in politics, there is only expedience. I have a suggestion for all those Alderman looking to destroy a good man's integrity and character, try looking in the mirror, I know that can be frightful to some, after all, you never know what you'll see, because if you did one might see colleagues in the City Council who in their "RUSH TO HUSH"voted blindly to award the Family of Laquan McDonald a 5 million dollar settlement without asking the tough questions that were certainly missing. Clowns to the left of you, Jokers to the right of you, all you need now is a mirror and another Scapegoat. I'm sure you'll keep trying to find one.



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