Crime Doesn't Pay/ Neither Do those who Commit Them In Chicago

Crime Doesn't Pay/ Neither Do those who Commit Them In Chicago

Anybody who has been paying the least bit of attention to the goings-on in Chicago the last several years certainly would have to admit that the City's violence stands out even more so than the constant flow of politicians in handcuffs doing the perp walk while being taken into custody by the local FBI agents. Governors, Alderman, State and County officials all being led away to crowbar hotel at alarming rates for some sort of criminal behavior or another.  Nothing to see here;  move along.  The FBI seems to be doing a great job in uncovering and prosecuting corrupt politicians.

However,  the same cannot be said for the non-political criminals including the thugs in gang-infested neighborhoods which are at the heart of Chicago's monstrous run of violence.  If you are not keeping up with the numbers which I'm sure 99% of you for good sound reasons do not, I will display them here for you. Since 2012 4,467 souls have been murdered on Chicago's streets and 32,618  have been shot.  Today Jeremy Gorner and Annie Sweeney of the Tribune revealed one of those "THE TRUTH HURTS MOMENTS" for all of Chicago to explore.


The Police Executive Forum has released a scathing report on the ineptitude of the Chicago Police Departments Detective Division. I won't go into the 100 plus pages of the entire report but to name a few things they found in my opinion kinda says it all. Chicago unlike other big Cities across America does not have a stand-alone HOMICIDE UNIT. WHICH SOUNDS INSANE GIVEN THE NUMBERS OF HOMICIDES CHICAGO IS DEALING WITH.  Add this to the fact that the gangs who most experts and of course myself are in agreement that they are behind the overwhelming number of homicides and shootings the City is enduring.


This photo below tells the tale of woe on just how dismal the homicide CLEARANCE RATE  IS, UP TO AUGUST 4 2019.  Clearly frightening and spells out just how neglected the City's Police Department has become.  Anyone who is acquainted with any type of organizational skills knows that LEADERSHIP STARTS AT THE TOP. In Chicago, that means from the Mayor of the City on down and there is plenty of blame to go around. Thanks to W.H Thompson and for the hard work and the dispensing of the truth in numbers. A worthy web sight for all to see.



The report revealed that in 2012 the Department closed 2 Detective bureaus as part of an effort by Mayor Rahm Emanuel to close a budget gap.  Then Superintendent Garry McCarthy later stated that he was always a victim of City Hall meddling into police affairs and he did very little because he liked his job and wanted to keep it. Plenty of shame and blame to go around but those folks are all gone and now the Department is facing the consequences of those colossal blunders.


The Gang Specialists were abandoned some years ago to satisfy a campaign promise by (there he is again), Rahm Emanuel when he was running for Chicago Mayor. Emanuel said if elected he would add 1,000 cops to Chicago's streets.  (Like the Gang Specialists were not working the streets). Most assumed he meant to hire a 1,000 cops. See! never assume anything a politician says.  The results were that he was going to add those 1,000  cops to police districts to fight crime.  The following results were disastrous. The Gang Specialists along with all that gang intelligence and knowledge were sent to districts to handle dog bite calls and domestic disturbances, and the gangs, of course, became embolden and we are still suffering the consequences.  Imagine no Gang Specialists and no Homicide specialists in a City drowning in gang warfare and killings and shootings.



In OTHER  findings, it was revealed that some Detectives did not even know how many cases they were assigned in the past year. The Department has nothing to offer witnesses who feel threatened, and make no mistake they are being threatened and intimidated big time.  They do not pay enough attention to non-fatal shootings, and it was further revealed that the supervisor ranks of sergeant and lieutenant are currently not required to have experience investigating homicides. Got a question? I guess the investigators would have to track down Columbo for guidance because clueless supervisors with no experience would be no help.

Will this new report bring some much-needed changes to a beleaguered department that has so many good hard working, men and women who risk their lives and do a very difficult job,  sometimes in impossible situations, who are in dire need of leadership that is accountable not only to an entire City but of a Department that needs to finds it's way?


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