War/Whats it Good For?/ Political Ambitions?/Safeguarding A Nation?

America has been at war now for 19 straight years. The numbers reflect the changing face of warfare in the modern era. Since American troops have been engaged in Afghanistan well over 2,320 U.S military deaths and over 20,320 American service members have been wounded in action. In addition, 1,720 U.S civilian contractors have been killed.  Considering that for 19 straight years the numbers are pale in comparison to all of our past wars.  Experts tell us and the numbers surely bear them out, that the word BATTLEFIELD is gone forever. After all, who could stand up toe to toe with all of America's might facing them down on the so-called battlefield?

The OKAY CORRAL is dead. The Pacific Island assaults are dead and Normandy is past history. The new current warfare tactics are to lure America into Jungles, Deserts, and other destinations thousands of miles away from our homeland and engage our might whenever they see fit. Vietnam was the beginning of America's nightmares as far as facing our so-called enemies. We are facing an enemy right now that has kept us at war for an astounding 19 years. Who knows, if it wasn't for massive discontent we might still be in Vietnam slogging away American lives, which mercifully ended at almost 59,000 deaths.

Of course, I'm bringing all of this up for a reason. Let me get this out of the way first, since most of you who will read this are Chicagoans. In just 4.8 years since 2015 2,962 souls have been murdered in Chicago, and over 15,971 have been wounded call it what you will but there is a reason to say, Chicago (and few do) is worse than a war zone. The frustration continues day after day week after week and there has been no solution in sight. It's not beating a dead horse (he's been dead for many years) it's a stark reality.


Without sounding like some militaristic warmonger, every American should let this sink in. Our Admirals and Generals are warning us of what China is doing while we have been bogged down for 19 years fighting a war that nobody seems to be able to figure out, either how to win it, or get the hell out. Our Politicians know nothing of war.,it seems all they know how to do is to send off American men and women to die in wars, and if not die to suffer horrifically the mental challenges from being in one, and then cast them aside when the political agendas are soothed. China the largest population to ever inhabit the planet is aggressively in the midst of a massive military build-up. Whose listening? While this is happening we have 10 babbling creatures (at least) that are in the running trying to be President of our Country, and most are calling for the disarmament of our people.


One, in particular,  this BETO O'Rourke creature, actually said if elected he will confiscate the people's guns. One has to believe BETO COULD NEVER EVER BE HIS WORST ENEMY, AS LONG AS THERE IS ANOTHER HUMAN BEING LEFT ON THE PLANET WHO HAS COME ACROSS. HIM. Yet he continually babbles on, as clueless as Chicago's leaders. Hey BETO! if you get elected how about coming after the Guns in possession of the Chicago gangs, that could be like a starter, before you go after the other 350 million the American people possess.



Let's keep a piece of history in mind before we even think of confiscating all of America's guns from its citizens. After Pearl Harbor, the reason the Japanese did not invade the United States was that Harvard Educated Marshall Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto warned the Japanese leaders that if they did so they would be met by armed American citizens BEHIND EVERY BLADE OF GRASS. To forget history and most likely in the case of BETO  and the rest of the Presidential hopefuls, to never have known it, is as unwise as advertised and is a very foolish thing indeed. 'THE MIND IS SLOW TO UNLEARN WHAT IT LEARNED EARLY."


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