The State of a City/ Revenge or Justice/ The Killing of Treja Kelley

The State of a City/ Revenge or Justice/ The Killing of Treja Kelley

If ever a city shows its collective outrage, now is the time for all of Chicago to step up.  This was an 18-year-old pregnant woman who was shot down in an alley by one vicious thug.  He was only one but he's trying to send a message to thousands of already frightened community members. We've often heard in the past that if a community was ever to rid itself of violent criminal behavior, that it was necessary to gain the trust of the police officers who work in that community.  The killing of Treja Kelley without question seems to disprove that often heard theory. If her killing shouts out anything it's that the thug world believes that violent retaliation will win the day and keep the victim list growing day by day and year by year.


Back in June Treja Kelley testified against Deonte Davis in the 2016 killing of Treja's cousin.  Davis was convicted of murder.  Of course, the investigation is on-going but if ever a city needed to show its disgust and outrage, her vicious killing cannot go unanswered.  It's no time for speeches and fictitious benevolence.  This vicious thug needs to be brought to justice and an entire city needs to be angry once and for all.  She stepped forward, she is a hero.  A reward for the apprehension of this despicable thug will send a message that quite frankly needs sending.  We will no longer live in fear and we refuse to allow this to continue.

Chicago should not be a City that is accused of seeking revenge. The terms revenge and Justice often get muddled. No surprise because in the course of history they have frequently been used interchangeably. The often-heard expression"A JUST REVENGE" comes to mind. Revenge is predominately emotional; and by nature personal. Justice is primarily rational and impersonal, impartial and both social and legal phenomenon. If the murder of Treja Kelley is indeed a revenge killing for her testimony her death could be one of the most significant in Chicago's recent history of violence. Are we going to let fear and intimidation continue to rule? Or are we going to say enough is enough? Chicago so far this year has had 1,963  attempted murders and 362 murders were successful already this year. It seems clear that the gangs are emboldened.


There are two avenues that have to be avoided if we are determined to win this struggle against these embolden thugs. We are not seeking revenge, we are seeking justice. Gandhi once said "AN  EYE FOR AN EYE WILL ONLY MAKE THE WORLD BLIND" on the other hand Heine is quoted as saying "WE SHOULD FORGIVE OUR ENEMIES BUT NOT BEFORE WE HANG THEM."  Justice is not revenge and there is no doubt there will be no hanging, but Treja's killer needs to face Justice. He and his gang thugs must be stopped. "The law is Reason from Passion." To allow intimidation and violent behavior is to invite more of it. Our City and County leaders need to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. The cycle of killings without Justice will certainly continue. Today's killers and shooters are tomorrows victims and the beat goes on UNTIL?


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