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It's certainly not my intention to scare the hell out of anybody but in the last few days in Chicago, some serious attention is needed. The first was the weekend story in the Tribune reporting that serious crime on the CTA has doubled over an already horrendous uptick from last year. It seems that the CTA is looking for answers because they say that they have installed a record number of surveillance cameras. I imagine the thinking is that the installation of cameras should have reduced criminal behavior, but instead it has had little or no effect on THUG nation.




Yesterday was just another normal Tuesday in September, upper  60s early 70s and yet 16 people were shot and wounded and 4 more were murdered. Even for Chicago, those numbers were a bit surprising, they are usually reserved for a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Maybe that in itself would not have opened the eyes of even the most violence immune Chicagoan but there is more. On Tuesday night 13 to 15 teen thugs beat and robbed several victims near Depaul's downtown campus. As of this post, at least 5 have been taken into custody, but as usual, the majority fled the scene using, READY! the CTA RED LINE.


Although all this has barely caught the attention of the news beast in Chicago, it does not go unnoticed by those of us who have a professional eye for such things. Some of the priorities over this behavior, are of course the ongoing Trump thumping and his tweeting and thumping back, but also Jump Rope (Double Dutch), The Cubs, Bears, and the latest goings-on with the illustrious R. Kelly and his 15,000 charges and accusers. Hell, even Chris Bryants sore foot got more coverage then 16 shot 4 killed and scores beaten, assaulted,  and robbed.

However, there seems to be one area in the City (near north) that has finally had enough, and instead of fleeing the City and cowering close to home and being intimidated by wilding thugs, a massive protest is being planned. My guess is it will not be on any local expressways or a march on Washington. They are disgusted and are declaring "They are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore,"(Howard Beale is alive and well).


I do get it. LIFE GOES ON, even while life goes OUT, all too frequently for some. After the announcement of the mayhem, it's always interesting to follow up here in Cook County on the charges and punishment received by the thugs who were arrested. Poor darlings, one would not want to upset the future of a local thug with any kind of serious charges that will interfere with soaring careers, NO! accountability is not what Cook County Justice seems to be about.

Although Illinois and especially Chicago politicians, in general, have a much lower priority for ethics then they do for enriching themselves and their friends and cronies, constantly grabbing for more power, fame, and riches, than tolerate what's happening to a once-great City. Chicago has become unattractive for luring any type of economic growth. It's no accident we lost the Olympics, Google, Amazon and other businesses are fleeing the City in record numbers. The State and the City are losing thousands of fed-up residents and the two main culprits are CRIME and Taxes. It's political suicide for Chicago's politicians to admit that but it's a stark reality.


Imagine you own a business in Chicago, whether it's a Mom and Pop store or a large corporate retail giant. It is estimated that the crime of shoplifting across America costs retailers an average of 42 BILLION dollars a year. So let's be realistic and say that in reality, it costs the American consumer 42billion dollars a year because without question the retailers are passing that cost on in additional dollars added to a product. They didn't get to be giants of  industry by being benevolent. In order for a Shoplifter in Cook County to be tried for a felony, the theft has to exceed a $1,000, up from a previous of $300 dollars or the alleged shoplifter has to have 10 prior convictions for shoplifting. As I have said before Al Capone and Larry King Hoover would have been safe under Cook County's Justice system. In the immortal words of  General Anthony McAuliffe NUTS fits nicely here.


As I have said many times before(no it wasn't Confusious ) and I'm sure most people without agendas would agree " IF CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR GOES UNPUNISHED AND THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY, YOU GET LOTS MORE OF IT." Somehow Cook County's system of Justice just doesn't get it.  Soon our elected leaders have to realize that we have to deal with the world as it is not how we want it to be.








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