The Cook County Comedy Act/Home Monitoring/Who's On First?/The Monsters Among You are Traveling

The Cook County Comedy Act/Home Monitoring/Who's On First?/The Monsters Among You are Traveling

A few weeks ago two Chicago Police Tactical officers stopped a vehicle at 98th and South Halsted. The lone occupant of the vehicle, Devin Dawson 23, gave a false name and had no drivers license. The facts that follow were reported by the Great Tribune Columnist John Kass who became the first reporter on planet Chicago to expose the completely broken down criminal justice system plaguing a City with epidemic violence and criminal behavior by embolden and out of control gang thugs.

A few years back three County Politicians decided to reduce the number of charged criminals held in Cook County jail. The gang of three consisted of County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, Chief Judge Timothy Evans and the grossly incompetent Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx. Within weeks hundreds of criminals arrested for offenses from petty theft to murder were released on I bonds (a promise to show up) or bonds so low a homeless person could meet the burden, and of course the Home Monitoring System. According to the Sherriff of Cook County as of July over 2,000 criminals were on that  System. The photo below will make sense after reading the following.


When the two Tactical officers searched the trunk of Devin Dawson's vehicle they discovered a Home Monitoring system that was hooked up to a power pack allowing Mr. Dawson to travel the world, hell maybe even Rick Steves had him as a travel guest. In his 23 years, Dawson a suspected gang member (ya think) had been convicted of Federal Interstate theft and also for striking a Police Officer with his vehicle to avoid an arrest outside a Home Depot. He did some time and of course, he was released.  Then within a few months, he was arrested yet again for being in possession of a loaded Glock with a 30 round magazine. He was miraculously bonded out once more and placed on! you guessed it, HOME MONITORING.

Of course, Dawson's home was not southbound on Halsted at 98th. To be fair to Mr. Dawson, I just want to say that his story plays out every single day in Chicago and  Cook County, criminals are being released at alarming rates with very little or no accountability whatsoever. Even when they are continuously caught and the victim list piles up, the gang of three, Preckwinkle , Judge Evans, and the grossly incompetent Kim Foxx have hidden behind the cheers of progressive liberals who are clueless, that is until John Kass began exposing the madness.

Now that it's obvious that Home Monitoring Systems are about as effective as GUN FREE ZONE SIGNS, the Sherriff of Cook County Tom Dart has released some stunning figures that finally may sink in to some of the so-called Chicago leaders when they try to find the answers to the often asked question "why is there so much unchecked violence in Chicago? For anyone who cares and for those of you who are not familiar with Chicago's way of politics the following statistics were released by Dart who some say would never openly challenge the gang of 3. My contention is, if Dart released and admitted to the following you can probably be sure the problem and the numbers are far worst then these startling numbers.


Since July Dart says that over 2,000 charged criminals are on the Home Monitoring System. 233 were charged with Aggravated Battery (shooting or wounding or seriously injuring another human being) 198 for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon, 108 with being an armed habitual criminal, 109 with sexual assault or abuse, 21 with kidnapping, AND 109 WITH MURDER AND ATTEMPTED MURDER, oftentimes being the first responders who keep the murder rate much less than what it is. The constant calls for tougher laws and more gun control by political types most assuredly are exposed when one looks at just what the current system in place has accomplished. It kind of makes you think of those shoes in the photo below. It simply is a Clown act.


Imagine if Darts numbers were just as they were reported, and believe me it's not cynicism that has me thinking they are probably a lot worse, I have been on that end for 33 years in Law Enforcement, politicians cannot be trusted when it comes to crime reporting ,it's not a good political path for some to deal in reality, so they fudge the numbers . Some fudged so much they should have been in the candy business. So if we just have over 2,000 criminals suddenly thrust back into a decent society with little or no accountability it doesn't take much imagination to figure how much more mayhem Chicago will endure from a system that allows predators to constantly walk among them. If we can recall the words of George Orwell from 1984 we can think clearly about Chicago and Cook County's politicians who have to be exposed by a Tribune Columnist...."IN A TIME OF UNIVERSAL DECEIT TELLING THE TRUTH IS A REVOLUTIONARY ACT."  Chicago's politicians have to learn that accepting the truth is the beginning of wisdom.




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