America's Instruments of Death/Drunk Drivers/Smokers/Guns/Hope and Progress.

America's Instruments of Death/Drunk Drivers/Smokers/Guns/Hope and Progress.

Prior to the 1980s people killed by Drunk Drivers in the United States were averaging about 25,000 deaths annually. Strangely that figure never really set off any kind of noticeable outrage.  Nobody stomped around demanding change, no ambitious politicians were leaping on soapboxes promising to be a savior. Yet individuals and their loved ones were suffering practically alone in their sorrow and frustration. After all, we all have the strength to endure the hardships of others. All of this changed dramatically in 1980 when 13-year-old Cari Lightner was struck down and killed by a 3 time convicted Drunken driver.


Cari's mother Candice Lightner was so outraged at the indifference shown by authorities, she organized MOTHERS AGAINST DRUNK DRIVERS,(MADD)  Her aggressive campaign and indefatigable spirit awoke an entire Country to the dangers of driving drunk. Suddenly massive movements were launched that forced changes in the laws across the entire United States. No longer could the good old folks in Texas and many other jurisdictions in the U.S drive a vehicle with open liquor present. Gone were the soft sentences and blase attitude replaced by felony charges that included prison sentences for those convicted of driving while drunk. In today's world in America since 1980 people killed by drunk drivers went from 25,000 annually to under 12,000. MADD estimates that they have saved over 380,000 lives. Almost the entire population of Miami. One Woman, outrage, change. Hope.


The above photo should be enough for some people, two Lungs which one do you choose?  And you do have a choice. Cigarette smoking causes 480,000 lives annually in the U.S including second-hand smoke, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The figures break down to 278,544 men and 201,773 women, both include second-hand smoke deaths from heart disease and lung cancer. Life expectancy among smokers is 10 years shorter than non-smokers. IF A PERSON QUITS SMOKING BEFORE 40 IT REDUCES THE RISK OF DYING FROM SMOKING RELATED DISEASES  BY 90%. 42,000 AMERICANS DIE EACH YEAR FROM SECOND-HAND SMOKE. YEA! next time you hear "do you mind if I smoke" if the answer is not a hell yes, you've had too much to drink.




Now here comes the hard part of the instruments of death that I'm covering here. Excluding most suicides, at least 15,549 people were killed in 2017 by guns in the United States, the figures above were compiled by the CDC to include suicides. It is one of the single biggest issue's in the United States today. The death and destruction and media grabbing headlines of the multitude of mass shootings in America, including the ever-present slaughter in Chicago and other cities by out of control  Gangs, as of late have the gun issue screamers at fever pitch.  There are so many different solutions being bandied about at times it's a nauseating turn-off. The solutions range from abolishing the 2nd amendment altogether to confiscating all 350 million guns from American Citizens, it mostly depends on what level of brainpower the ambitious politician or would-be politician is at. It's also important to know who their audience is. Most of us who have been around guns practically all our lives quite frankly are angry at some of the nonsense about gun control. Sir George Trevelyan who was the founding father of the New Age movement summed up how most of us feel.' "THOSE WHO ARE NOT ANGRY AT THINGS WE SHOULD BE ANGRY AT ARE FOOLS."



Responsible gun owners are angry, they are angry that a small irresponsible segment of America who are guilty of criminal behavior and abusing the laws using guns should destroy a right that they respected. Nobody suggested getting rid of cars to stop drunk drivers, nobody called for a nationwide ban on Tobacco use, a lesson from the past was America's prohibition. The biggest single boondoggle in American history. Think about it, "take alcohol away and the issue is settled", HORSE FEATHERS COMES TO MIND. Which later morphed into BULLSHIT WITHOUT THE FEATHERS. We most assuredly "DO NOT HAVE TO REPEAL THE 2ND AMENDMENT" THERE! I SAID IT.  I'm agreeing with Neal Steinberg of the Times who chimes in writing "that same second amendment that allows our Government to ban Machine guns and Rocket launchers can certainly be used to ban high capacity magazines and put a few obstacles in place to stop weapons from being in the hands of mindless thugs and potential killers." Arrest and prosecution of offenders, strict and sure background checks, and a new approach to mental health would reduce gun deaths dramatically. Neutral corners by all involved, a common-sense approach, instead of constantly yelling past each other. We have to go after the source of our anger. The person behind those guns would be an enormous start. A cynic is a person who smells the flowers and looks for the coffin. The issue cries out for well-balanced individuals who have CHIPS on both shoulders. Let common sense prevail.





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