Hotel Cook County/Bring your Alibis/ Leave your gun/ You Won't Stay Long/Just Overnight

Hotel Cook County/Bring your Alibis/ Leave your gun/ You Won't Stay Long/Just Overnight

If one uses just a tad of imagination it would be easy to equate the Cook County Court System with the song by the Eagles "Hotel California." I can clearly hear the voice of Don Henley, only with a slight twist "Welcome to hotel Cook County jail, such a lovely place, plenty of room any time of year, you won't stay long, just overnight, what a nice surprise, just so you have your alibis." Of course, it's free but you'll have to check your gun. While all of Chicago is preoccupied with the Alligator in Humbolt Park and the weekend immigration scare, I took time out to analyze the outcome of Chicago's most violent weekend of 2019.

The 4th of July weekend from 3-5 July saw 69 people shot and 10 people murdered, almost doubling last years totals. Bolstered by 1,500 more cops assigned to the neighborhoods, Chicago's cops took 199 guns off the street and made 84 arrests. As of last Monday morning, 15 offenders have remained incarcerated. Of those 84 arrests, 42 were for felonies. Of those, 18 were repeat gun offenders. 1 defendant had 5 prior weapon arrests; 2 had 3 prior arrests; 3 had 2 prior gun arrests and 13 had 1 prior gun arrest,6 of the 13 repeat offenders are already back out on the streets.


In case anyone gets confused, and without question, Chicago's leaders would have to be in a fog not see a correlation between the lax culture on gun offenders and the ongoing daily slaughter on the City's streets. Most people in Chicago have heard (I'm sure ad- nauseam ) that people don't come forward because of a distrust of the Police, a big pile of steaming crap for sure.  I can tell you from personal experience dealing with it for 33 years, the reality is, most folks in those communities are living in fear of retaliation from gang thugs that would not hesitate to kill, and because they don't trust that there will be accountability when an offender is arrested. Those figures from the July 4th weekend certainly validate their thinking. If Chicago doesn't get serious about prioritizing gun offenders and violence in these communities people will continue to be at grave risk. Think of the relationships with community members and the damage it causes when a City cannot keep individuals incarcerated after continually being caught carrying or using illegal weapons.

Immediately after the 4th of July weekend carnage, Superintendent Johnson, in my opinion, made a revealing statement to the press, "he stated he had high praise for the U.S Attorneys office and that his department works with them as often as possible to make as many cases as they can FEDERAL because there is more "ACCOUNTABILITY." There is that word again. If you have a system that refuses to hold criminals accountable for their criminal behavior it doesn't take an Ivy League education to figure out that you are just going to get more and more of it, as demonstrated by the Cook County courts and the Cook County States Attorney's Office.


In one door and out the other, repeat criminals are constantly sent back to the neighborhoods to continue terrorizing decent people without being held accountable or punished. When you have the entire criminal justice system working together with the police, courts, and prosecutors it has a profound effect on the safety of the community at large. That's not happening in Chicago and it's damn obvious. What the Superintendent did not say was also telling. He did not criticize the Cook County Courts or the Cook County  States Attorneys Office.



I can only speculate that to do so would not be a wise move in a heavily populated Democratic run City. As much as the Jussie Smollett case was a kick in the teeth for the City and also the Chicago Police Department, he still never criticized States Attorney Kim Foxx for her colossal blundering of that case, leading to a special prosecutor being appointed to finally get to the truth. The late Bobby Kennedy when he was the Attorney General of the United States once said "EVERY SOCIETY GETS THE KIND OF CRIMINAL IT DESERVES. WHAT IS EQUALLY TRUE IS THAT EVERY COMMUNITY GETS THE KIND OF LAW ENFORCEMENT  IT INSISTS ON." Chicago and its so-called leaders need to do some INSISTING or the slaughter will most assuredly continue.









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