When Even Mother's are in Fear/The Gangs Triumph/ The Journey of Revenge

When Even Mother's are in Fear/The Gangs Triumph/ The Journey of Revenge

The killing season is underway and Chicago's right of spring is in full bloom. The gangs are on the prowl and the game of REVENGE is in full swing. The elephant in the room is no longer all that difficult to ignore.  All of Chicago was exposed to a trifecta of violence involving a 14-year-old potential killer (his victims haven't died as yet),  his mother and the system.  If you read my last post you know about the 14-year-old shooter who wounded 2 people on Chicago's busiest El train line a few weeks back.  It's a given -- he's a shorty trying desperately to be accepted by his gang elders. He may or may not know that he's been selected, a useful tool, because at 14, even if he is caught, very little will happen in the accountability and punishment department, even for a 14-year-old killer.  Most of the people of Chicago, cops and politicians alike,  know this shorty ploy well.  It's been going on for decades. But seldom are we privy to a mother's choice and just how the system deals with such a complex situation.


Immediately after the shooting, the police released surveillance video that captured the shooter and his accomplice fleeing the scene. The news outlets published the shooters  photo and soon after he was arrested and charged with 2 counts of attempted murder. The detectives handling the case knew full well that to hold him for more than 40 hours without judicial interference was not going to sit well with the judge. Their explanation was that if they were able to track him down so too would rival gang thugs.  Clearly his life was in grave danger. However,  astonishingly the Judge decided to release the poor dear to his mother's custody until the following Monday when he was to appear in court.

The Judge even went as far as refusing to put him on electronic monitoring. However, another bazar turn reared it's ugly head.  The mother told the judge that she was reluctant to take custody of her son, a 14-year-old charged with 2 counts of murder.  She stated in court that,  " I'M NOT A POLICE OFFICER TO GUIDE AND PROTECT HIM. IF I CAME TO PICK HIM UP THEY MIGHT SEE ME (the rival gang) WITH HIM AND ATTACK ME ALSO, HOW WOULD I HANDLE THAT."  Think about that for a few seconds. A mother who is not hesitant to doubt that the Gangs would also come after her while she was with her child. A perfect example of how far thugs will go to retaliate and seek revenge. The cycle just keeps turning.


Anyone acquainted with gang warfare in Chicago knows the number ONE  reason for the killings ARE a vicious cycle of RETALIATION.  Revenge is a peculiar animal, it can make a killer out of a decent person, even a 14-year-old as we know all to well in Chicago.  What the gangs in Chicago don't know or care about is, in the wise words of  Mahatma Gandhi,  "AN EYE FOR AN EYE WILL ONLY MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND."  In my opinion, and one thing is for certain, nobody has solicited it,  it's no secret that the Chicago Police Department has a homicide clearance rate of just under 17%. That means for every hundred homicides or shootings 83% of the offenders are not even arrested. See below, an even more pathetic rate for this year thru April  2019.  If that figure doesn't grab somebody attention soon, the City's in for a another horrendous violent summer.


Thinking like the local thugs is part of working against them. One simply cannot apply the logic to any of the behavior they exhibit. So there are a good many of us who believe the RETALIATION game to thugs goes like this. If the Chicago Police Department is only clearing 17% of the killings and shootings, and 2019 is only showing the figure above, then the chance of finding a killer or shooter means,  murders and shootings are answered by more of them, because the law has no real authority or very little at best. In my opinion that is the driving force behind Chicago's never ending cycle of violence. The solution of course is complex but we can do better. Stop the cycle of Revenge and retaliation and results will be immediate.



Chicago's Mayoral election brought forth some good advice from some of the candidates. One was the idea to hire retired veteran homicide detectives and other skilled investigators. Hundreds of us just retire and bring hundreds of years experience with us to our new lives ( believe me this is not a solicitation for a job, I'm finished) but 100s of others maybe be interested. The other matter that came up during the election was the Los Angeles Police Department, which has 3 times as many solved cases as Chicago was supposed to be brought in to teach and assist a rather young Detective Bureau in Chicago. What became of those ideas?  Solving these shootings has to be a priority if the City wants to rid itself of the depths of a violent epidemic.  It's not an impossibility, someone has step up and get it across to the gangs that, "WHEN YOU BEGIN A JOURNEY OF REVENGE START BY DIGGING 2 GRAVES ONE FOR YOUR ENEMY AND ONE FOR YOURSELF."


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