Disorder in the Court/ Here Comes the Judge/ Justice is Blind/ Only in Cook County.

Disorder in the Court/ Here Comes the Judge/ Justice is Blind/ Only in Cook County.

In the last few years the Cook County Court system has produced some of the best comedy available. However, after all the laughter has died down the reality sinks in. This system is the extension of everything we stand for in a free society. Fair and equal treatment under the law. Judges that are fair and impartial.  Aristotle's description still stands forth today, "THE LAW IS REASON FROM PASSION."  Judges decisions are as scrutinized and second guessed on a par with baseball umpires calling balls or strikes, (no replay involved, the call stands) so it matters who is making those calls.  It's practically impossible in Chicago to deny that politics does not exist in Cook County's selection of judges, since Alderman Edward Burke was known as the top judge maker in Cook County.

What goes on in the courtrooms across the county and Chicago hardly gets a notice except when something so bazaar happens it's impossible not to notice. This one below was so bazaar it ran all over the country and other parts of the world.  It was the Cuckoo's nest gets exposed in Cook County.

My guess is if the Marx Brothers were still alive today and performing they would have rejected this as a part of their act, simply because it would have been deemed to improbable for people to even comprehend happening.  Back in 2016 Cook County Judge Valerie E.  Turner was assigned to the Markham Court House.  She had been on the bench since 2002 and was transferred to Markham 4 years prior.  Her assigned Court Clerk was one, Rhonda Crawford.  For at least one day in the summer months Judge Turner thought it was a good idea to let her Court Clerk Rhonda Crawford wear her robe and sit on the bench and hear actual cases.  The record shows that the Clerk did in fact hear and rule on at least 2 cases.


The fallout that followed that disclosure not only made a laughing stock out of the County Court system but the investigation that followed showed that the Judge was somehow mentally unable to continue to do the job.  Geeezzzz,  ya think so?  The question is, how could you find two supposed competent adults who thought that was a good idea?  There was no report that the Judge assumed the Clerks job while she was dispensing justice in her ill-fitting robe.  The next example of Cook County Justice is not quite as jaw dropping but it has its place in the Cuckoo's nest, minus Nurse Ratchett.


On 3 July 2018 Cook County Judge Joseph Claps was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor gun charge when a Sheriff's Deputy observed him drop a fully loaded pistol from his jacket pocket in the lobby of the County's main criminal courts building at 26th and California in Chicago.  Judge Hooks presided over felony criminal cases at the criminal courts building, including charges involving possession of firearms.  Hey!  Laws are for other people, not the Judge.  Surprising to no one, the Judge was acquitted. Ya THINK!  The next one below defines even trying to make some sense of.  Ready?

Almost 5 years ago Dexter Saffold took the witness stand and described the chaos he SAW at a Southside gas station.  Saffold told Cook County Judge Nicholas Ford that he watched a man shoot and kill one man and seriously wound another. He then pointed out for the Judge who the killer was.  YEA! It was the defendant Darien Harris wearing the jailhouse jumpsuit.  There was no other physical evidence linking Harris to the shooting that left Randall Moore dead and Quincy Wouland badly hurt.  The Judge found based on this eyewitness testimony, Darian Harris guilty and sentenced him to 76 years in prison.


What the Judge and the defense attorney did not know was, READY, Dexter Saffold had been declared legally blind years earlier by his doctors and the U.S. Government as a result of advanced glaucoma.  Based on this information, Darien Harris is petitioning the Court for a new trial. This one leaves about a 1,000 questions to be answered at a later date.  This one below leaves no laughter;  just a sad indictment on that word CHICAGO has been using a lot lately, ACCOUNTABILITY. ACCOUNTABILITY, where art thou.



Now who could make this crap up? The next one is the old UMPIRE second guessing, except every person I know, including, the outgoing Mayor of Chicago who suddenly with 1 week left in office found a set of BBs. A few weeks ago a thug shooter shot two people on Chicago's Red Line,  the busiest El line in the city.  Two teenage thugs were caught on surveillance cameras fleeing the scene.  One (the shooter) can be seen firing the gun into the 2 victims and running off.  Last week after his photo was shown on several media outlets he was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

It turns out HE WAS 14 YEARS OLD.  The above photo tells the story. Despite the resistance of prosecutors, Cook County Judge Linda Pauel sent this guy home to his MA MA who I'm sure is an upstanding member of the community. The Judge even refused to put the poor dear on electronic monitoring.  Imagine for one minute the message this is sending. Hey! even if you try to kill 2 people you will not be held responsible. We will just send you home and hope you don't do it again. Come back to court Monday and we'll talk about it.

For those of you who are not acquainted with Chicago's progressive style of justice all you have to do is read this for the answer as to why we have so much violent crime. Here is a 14-year-old Shorty from the Hood.  He is no doubt trying to make his bones with the gang. He tries to murder 2 people on Chicago's busiest El train line but he only manages to wound them. The cops release his photo for all to see.  The Judge sends him home to Ma Ma the model parent. Now that he is out there, you can rest assured retaliation will be swift and deadly.  Geeeeeez it makes you wonder.






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